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Granite and Marble Countertops, Serving Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC | Affordable Granite Countertops and Kitchen Remodeling Sales and Deals.


Our Showroom & Slab Warehouse are Located at Fairfax, VA

USA Marble and Granite has been serving in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC since 1997 as a one stop resource for granite, marble, limestone, travertine, zodiaq, silstone, caesarstone countertops, fireplaces, quality sinks and removal services of old kitchen or bathroom countertops. Granite, Marble, Silestone, Zodiaq, Caesarstone fabrication and installation.

At USA Marble and Granite, we combine your needs, utilizing the latest fabrication technologies and highly skilled craftsmen. USA Marble and Granite excels at customer service with a personal touch, no matter what size project, from production to custom. USA Marble and Granite is particularly proud of its high customer retention rate. When we asked our clients why they keep calling us back, a common thread ran through all their answers. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone for the team of USA Marble and Granite as a motivation and success.
Granite Countertops Fairfax, VA | Virginia Maryland DC
In Fairfax Virginia, there are several granite companies that claim to provide the best granite countertops. Probably some are not able to provide they claim to offer. With us, you will get the best granite countertops available ever in this sophisticated town of Fairfax. There are several factors that determine the quality of granite countertops. Whether for bathrooms, kitchens, vanities and other flooring surfaces, our professionals will ensure that you get the best granite for all levels of your projects. We put into considerations all aspects deferent clients need.
The main reason why granite countertops are getting popular day by day is their unique look and durability. At our Fairfax Stone Slab warehouses, we keep to this trend by providing varieties of unique granites that are of best quality. We get our granites from several renowned world suppliers. They supply only the best quality granites to our stores. Visit our virginia warehouses when shopping for the best and affordable granite countertops for your kitchen. We stock high quality granite special for kitchen projects at affordable prices. The major granite brands for kitchen countertops that we stock at our yards include those certified by DuPont, Granite, Marble, Silestone, Zodiaq, Caesarstone.
Unlike some years ago when granite kitchen countertops were preserved specifically for high-end homes and apartments due to difficulty in installation and high prices, we have made this a thing of the past by providing easy and affordable alternatives. Through our dedicated company, you can easily purchase granite your all your exclusive projects at mass-market prices while maintaining quality and durability. With our leading granite company, the options for your projects are not limited anyhow. We stock a wide variety to select from depending on your project requirements.
Color option is another important criteria used to select the best granite countertops. Granites come in different colors. With our company, ensure that we stock up to 80 colors to meet the special requirements of all clients. We also provide custom colors to our customers. Depending on the theme of your project, most probably, you won’t go wrong with us. We are the only granite dealers in Fairfax that provide huge granite patterns. Granite comes in different color patterns and getting the best maybe daunting task. We help our client choose between different patterns like the fabric or wallpaper. Most homeowners are very critical about granite patterns especially for kitchen and vanity countertops. With the help of our skillful and experienced staffs, we’ll provide the best granite fabrication and installation for your projects in Fairfax Virginia.
Shopping for the best granite marbles in Fairfax for your bathroom vanity is not an easy task. Significantly, there are many granite dealers in this town that claim to provide the best service to your projects. With the existing level of competition, you must ensure that you get the best dealers or granite company that is capable of providing satisfactory service at all levels including fabrication, transportation and installation. With the help of our experienced granite specialists, you are guaranteed the best comprehensive service and special granite marbles for your bathroom vanity countertops and other vanity tops.
We also keep remnant pieces from granite, marble, and quartz at our fairfax warehouse. We collect these leftovers from different bundles and slabs. They are also perfect for small projects especially the bathrooms and kitchen. The quartz, marble, and granite remnants actually work well for small projects workplaces or properties. The leftovers we stock from these stone bundles and slabs are typically very beautiful and colourful. Our specialist installers can help you change the faces of your bathroom and kitchen when you contact us. And since we want you to get the best value for your dollar, we provide them at discounted prices.
USA Marble Granite is Dedicated to Remodeling Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Entertainment Area.
USA Marble Granite is set in Fairfax Va. In the beginning we just provided custom countertop services. Today we furnish complete kitchen remodeling – our construction teams are capable of removing or building walls, moving or modifying plumbing, electrical to accommodate your new kitchen or bathroom design. We work with architects, builders, re-modelers and homeowners. Our target is all homes that are ready for uplifting. Market conditions are continually changing, currently a large portion of our business is in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in homes and apartments and the rest new construction. We supply design and fabrication services and product delivery to Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.
Our prices are very competitive and we have many items in our vast range of granite countertops and vanity slabs on special low priced offers.. Call into our showrooms to see the extensive array of colors and shades in our big yard. All are available for cutting to size and finishing with edges appropriate to your needs.
Our respectability in granite industry has been boosted by the number of years experience and professionalism as the granite specialists in the area. We do not simply work with any granite countertop fabricators and installers. Our staff are selected from skilful granite fabricators and installers who their work to our high standards. Our granite installers and fabricators specialize in beautifying your house with custom Granite kitchen countertops, hearth surrounds, vanities, bathrooms and other places. But on top of that we keep our prices to a minimum to always be competitive,
Our experienced design team is proficient in all aspects of the remodeling process, have full knowledge of what it takes to complete a project keep within cost and budget constraints while always ensuring that customer satisfaction upmost in their goals. They know what is required to manage the production schedule and complete the job.
Your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project will furnish you with quality products, designed for years of use and enjoyment. Our installers are trained specialists, each one takes responsibility for his task, ensuring that no job is complete until the customer is satisfied! We have employed most of the same installers for years; allowing us to furnish expert, capable craftsmanship on installations.
So, in summary, if you are keen on modernizing your home with the latest trends in countertop for your kitchen and bathroom or interested in remodeling your entertainment areas, both internal and external, we have the most amazing deals for you. We keep up with the up-to-date granite trends in the market and able to upgrade your entire kitchen and bathroom. We provide huge choices of redesign and remodeling projects to choose from depending on your requirements. Our fabricators supply customized designs and models.
Call us in Fairfax VA 703.651.1566 - 703-573-3373 - 703-798-5017 | Fax: 703-573-3374 for a complete and low cost quote.
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