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5 Affordable Stone Countertops That Won’t Break Your Bank

There are a large number of countertop materials available in the market for you to choose from. Natural stone countertops, in particular, are top favorites among customers because of their visual appeal and durability. Unfortunately, many natural stone countertops like granite and marble also tend to cost a lot and don’t fit into everyone’s budget. Thus, there is significant demand for affordable stone countertops as well.

By knowing about the most affordable stone countertops presently available in the market, you will be able to accommodate them better in your budget and then achieve the kitchen or bathroom remodel of your dreams successfully.

Ceramic Tile

In recent times, ceramic tile has proven to be one of the best natural stone countertop options for a kitchen. It is a thin slab of clay or other inorganic materials, hardened in an oven and coated with a glaze. Ceramic tiles are available in many attractive colors and patterns that closely resemble natural stone, including shades of red, pink, green, and blue.

You can also enhance the design in your space by using complementary colors for your kitchen countertop. Ceramic tile is undoubtedly one of the most affordable stone countertops you will be able to find in the contemporary market. You will be able to avail an excellent quality ceramic tile countertop for a price of merely $5 to $7 per square foot.

If you want to save up on money even further, you can go for customized tiles of different sizes cut according to your need. Ceramic tile countertops are relatively less expensive because you can also opt for a DIY approach to install them. However, it is recommended that you take the help of a countertop supplier near you as they will be able to execute the process perfectly.

The most well-known virtue of ceramic tile is its durability. In fact, there are intact structures composed of ceramic tile to be found in the ruins of ancient Egypt and Rome to this day. Ceramic tile is also lightweight and highly resistant to staining and scratching. They are also resistant to heat and microbial growth. You will be able to clean up spills and dirt regularly with ease without damaging your kitchen or bathroom countertop.


Quartzite is not to be confused with quartz, which is an engineered stone. It is a beautiful naturally occurring metamorphic stone that features prominently in almost every affordable kitchen countertop option list. It is formed when sandstone is subjected to high pressure and heat levels due to tectonic plate compression in the earth’s crust. Several varieties of this stone resemble marble so closely that people often mistake it for a type of marble.

On average, a quartzite countertop will cost you around $60 to $120 per square foot. It is also available in various colors, ranging from white to gray with occasional hues of red and pink. A lot of customers prefer quartzite countertops because they are highly durable and resistant to heat.

However, it is vulnerable to scratches and should therefore never be used as a cutting board. It also requires a certain amount of care and maintenance to last longer. You need to seal it before use and reseal it once or twice per year. If you fail to do this, stains can penetrate into the quartzite structure and damage it.


Quartz features prominently in every list of affordable stone countertops as well. However, it is not obtained by quarrying alone. It is basically an engineered stone that is composed of quartz particles (93%) and synthetic substances (7%).

Unlike granite and marble, quartz does not require much maintenance and this is perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose quartz. You do not have to keep resealing quartz countertops or worrying about protecting them from acids and hot materials. Also, they are resistant to stains and much easier to clean.

If you need to accommodate natural stone kitchen countertops on a tight budget, quartz is an excellent choice. Being semi-synthetic in nature, it is one of the more affordable countertop materials out there.

The prices of quartz usually range from $60 to $150 per square foot. Apart from this, you can also save more money by selecting various sizes, tiles, or slabs of this material. Quartz is continuing to rise in popularity every day, and thus it won’t be surprising to see more comprehensive ranges of prices and styles becoming available eventually.


Unlike other natural stone countertops listed here, slate countertops are only available in a somewhat limited range of colors. These include relatively muted colors like brown, pewter, black, and grey.

Slate is remarkably versatile, non-porous, and relatively simple to maintain. It is quite durable by nature and is resistant to scratching and chipping. You will likely not notice any damage to your countertop until it is very significant. It is an excellent option when you’re buying natural stone countertops for your bathroom or kitchen. 

Slate is very resistant to heat as well and is thus you can easily use it as your kitchen countertop. But it is important to point out that, depending on its cut, slate can possibly be brittle as well.

Consequently, you should try to have its edges rounded off to minimize the chances of accidental injury. Slate features prominently in lists of the most affordable stone countertops as well. Its prices usually range from $55 to $65 per square foot.


Soapstone is available in a wide array of colors like slate and often features beautiful veining patterns as well. It has been usually associated with bathroom countertops in particular.

Soapstone is highly resistant to staining and has a rich, silky feel to it. You can reseal your countertop periodically in order to prevent damage. You can clean up minor spills using balsamic vinegar and warm water.

Although it is reasonably resistant to heat, you should still try to protect your soapstone countertops from hot objects using coasters and potholders. Please treat them with mineral oil and clean them regularly with soap and warm water. The cost of soapstone countertops usually ranges between $55 to $100 per square foot.

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