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6 Activities That Can Damage Your Kitchen Granite Countertop

As kitchen granite countertop is seen as one of the world’s toughest igneous rock to handle, if you think you could just got away with anything you do on it then you are simply making a mistake. It’s important to understand that there are activities that can easily damage the granite countertops, we’re going to look at them one after another, below.

1. Working with raw meat on granite countertops

While there is no strong evidence to ascertain whether or not it is true that working with raw meat on granite countertop can harm it, it’s important to understand that what’s left behind can go a long way to hurt the materials, because it will not be appropriate on the granite stones. So, it’s important to avoid working with raw meat directly on the granite surface to avoid problem.

2. Letting spills remain on a granite countertop

While it’s normal that accidents can happen anytime, it’s also good to know that oily or acidic spills can hurt your marble and granite countertops in no time. It is always recommended to use a cleanser and soapy water to get rid of any kind of spill before it goes dry.

3.  Using knives directly on the granite

When you use a knife directly on the surface of your granite countertop, you are simply making a way for it to get harmed. Remember, granite is a kind of tough igneous rock and it is refined to make it look beautiful in the eye with a smooth surface. Therefore, slicing knives across the granite will easily damage the surface as well as their blades. Avoiding this kind of activity is simply the best for your own good.

4. Putting hot pan on the countertop

Another activity that can hurt your countertop is putting a hot pan on it. Studies have shown that almost everyone is guilty of this, however, there is always a way to keep the kitchen granite countertop out of danger, and one of these ways is to avoid putting hot pans on them.

5. Putting acidic things on granite countertops

Sometimes, we develop the habit of keeping acidic things on our marble and granite countertops, the result of this may not be funny, as it is capable of damaging not only the surface of the material but also its quality. Fruits and products like: citrus, vinegar, lotion, nail polish, shoe polish, perfume, etc have significant effects on the quality of marble and granite; therefore it’s important to keep this in mind so that we don’t distort the quality of the product with our activities.

6. Using undermount kitchen sink as a bathtub for children

This may sound ridiculous, but it happens and many parents are doing it. It’s important to know that using the undermount kitchen sink as a bathtub for children can reduce the quality of the granite through constant moisture.

In conclusion, it is advisable for you to take note of all the above mentioned problems so that you can keep your USA marble and granite in good condition all day long. Thanks for reading.

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