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Absolute Black Extra

The idea of sophistication being associated with the color black is not new. Through many centuries, all things representing the very crème la crème of the society have been black. This stone is an embodiment of that class and sophistication as it is laden with huge black crystals over an already black body. As it is all black, it has a very unique feature that’s missing in all other natural stones: homogeneity. It has almost no variation in slabs and all pieces look as stunning as the other. This allows for a headache free selection on the part of the homeowner, without a compromise on class and elegance.

No conversation between people who know stones well will be complete without the mention of durable granite. It is admired for its resistance to heat and abrasion as much as it is complimented for its ageless charm. This particular piece is no different.

Perfect for vanity tops, kitchen islands and worktops, flooring and wall accents of commercial and residential buildings, this striking black stone says versatility like no other. Designers can use it everywhere as it complements everything in the room. You don’t have to think twice about putting in the same room as one with white or dark accents as it brings out a different effect in both the cases. If used with white accents, the contrast makes for a striking appearance and Absolute Black becomes the focal point of attention. In a room where the dark furniture has to be the center of attention, it acts like the right hand man by blending in. It also offers a multipurpose utility when it comes to themes. Due to its stunning black base, it is used in both modern and classic homes. Take it home to add a touch of luxury to your dream house.

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