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Are Quartz Countertop For You?

USA Marble and Granite has much more to offer besides marble and granite. They also offer an extensive collection of beautiful quartz countertop in many different hues and patterns, at a price that will certainly match your budget. When you work with USA Marble and Granite, you will notice the extreme pride that they take in the services they provide to all of their customers. Employees of the company are extremely talented artisans who work incredibly hard to provide you with the best product possible. For USA Marble and Granite, customer service is number one, but the quality of the quartz countertop are the most excellent around.

Quartz countertop are many by combining ground quartz with resins, pigments, and polymers. This formula creates a granite-like surface. Because it is man-made, patterns can be made deliberately, and depend on how the quartz is ground. Flecked quartz is made using coarsely ground quartz crystals, while finely ground quartz yields a morth smooth look.

Quartz is ideal if you are looking for a more uniform color than is provided by granite. Quartz is man-made, so it fits into more symmetrically styled homes. Even though it is man-made, quartz is actually superior to granite in hardness and durability. Quartz is also warmer to the touch, as granite can become chilled, and retain the chill, for quite a long time. Breton, the Italian company who owns the patent to the process responsible for manufacturing quartz countertop, sells the rights to the process to other companies around the world. Two well-known types of quartz include Silestone and Avanza. Silestone quartz is based out of Spain, and it known to be a green friendly manufacturer because of their line of recycled countertops. Quartz in general is more environmentally friendly than other countertop materials, as quartz is one of the most abundant materials in the earth, although the resins used to produce the countertops are petroleum by-products, and contain materials that are mined in hazardous condition. Avanza quartz is an American company that finds its inspiration in Italian design.

Quartz is resistant to staining, scratching, scaling, and bacteria. USA Marble and Granite stores carry more than 70 colors of quartz. With such a great variety of colors, you can put quartz anywhere in your home: bathrooms, kitchen, floors, shower walls, table tops, islands, and more. The applications for quartz are limited only by your creativity.

It is important to have any countertop you choose installed by a professional. Quartz slabs are extremely heaving, and if the resin is not properly applied, it can easily crack. If you want your brand new Quartz countertop to last as long as your home does, it is important to have it installed by professionals from USA Marble and Granite.

USA Marble and Granite also offers an online design program, which allows you to see what your kitchen or other room will look like with professionally installed quartz from USA Marble and Granite. This can help eliminate any trepidation you might have about color choice.

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