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Bathroom Vanity Top

Bathroom vanities are often a sight to see. It not only expresses class but can be the center show of your entire bathroom. It is the first thing you see when you enter a bathroom. Coupled with a magnificent sink a bathroom vanity is one of the key parts of the entire bathroom. If you choose to have a customized vanity top then the most common choice will be granite or marble top. The sink can be bought from any store and placed at the required position by the technicians.

If you are planning on getting a vanity top then we offer some of the best choices when it comes to the types of stone you want to choose from. Different colors and styles are also available for the person who needs it all to come together with their new or existing theme.

If you are considering a stone vanity top then there are some advantages and disadvantages you should know about first hand.


Colors and patterns.

The main reason people go with stone vanity tops is the classic look it offers a bathroom. It also comes in various colors and styles. The stone can be ash gray or deeper toned gray. It can consist of flecks of a lighter gray for contrast or come in a plain stone color.You can have options of specs or swirls. The options in terms of color and style are endless.

Easy to maintain and clean.

If this isn’t the crowning glory of all stone countertops. They are very easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe with a wet cloth will leave the marble or granite countertop shining and very clean. They do not stain easily and can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

Can be pre-fabricated.

The stones can be pre-fabricated to ensure that they are suitable for your vanity.


Stones are highly durable and can last for the length of your stay in a home or longer. When they are well taken care of they can offer plenty of long term service.

There are not too many cons to the natural or engineered stones. The most common mistake is choosing the wrong stone for a specific re in your home. Marble for example is more suitable for use in the bathroom rather than the harsh environment of the kitchen.

Quartz on the other hand is better used in the kitchen where it can withstand high heat temperatures. The environment is also harsh in the kitchen.

A stone countertop will stain less when something pours on it unlike other surfaces because it is almost non-porous. This means it will not soak up all the items you may place or pour on it such as creams and all those colored cough syrups for your children.

To get a free estimate on your bathroom vanity top today you can contact us on the information available on our website.

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