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Belvedere Leather Granite

Belvedere Granite is a stunning black-bodied stone from the land of the Coliseum and rich ancient history. The black bedrock comes alive with a splash of white and gold seams that cover its base. Occasionally, touches of a light orange-yellow can be found but that is not common. Despite the brightly colored seams, Belvedere is well suited for any kitchen that’s not looking for a ‘loud’ stone. Although it is quite elegant, the beauty of Belvedere is how subtly its predominant black blends in any room of the house and acts like the right-hand man for the focal points of the kitchen.

Quarried in Italy, it has the same classic feel about it as the terra firma it comes from. It goes well in both traditional homes and ones looking to take their game to avant-garde. Its black body allows for a lot of versatility and is used by fabricators for a lot of creative design projects.  The love for this stone is also shared by home owners for many reasons. The thing about granites is that they are very durable and are guaranteed to last years. This one also comes with a promise to keep you safe as it is certified for Green-guard Indoor Air Quality. Also, it is very bacteria-resistant and prevents the spread of a lot of communicable diseases. For its elegance and durability, it is used commonly for kitchen islands and countertops, vanity tops, wall accents and many more design applications.

This particular piece comes with a leathered finish which allows for homeowners to play around with textures. One can choose to opt for an almost smooth finish or a rugged one. This method of finishing is done to achieve a more natural look as this technique makes the colors pop without overdoing it. Think neither washed-out nor overbearing. Done using a diamond-tipped brush, this technique reduces the gap between pores of the piece and makes the slabs very stain resistant. Sealed leather granite is almost immune to staining. Its textured look also prevents appearance of fingerprints and dirt on its surface. Water spots vanish into the texture too! The texturing also gives it an animate feel upon touch. Its rugged look makes it even more suited for exterior applications than most finishes. Together with the elegance of Belvedere, a leathered finish makes a timeless companion for your house.

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