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Best Indoor Activity During Covid-19: Countertop Remodel

All holed up at home due to Covid-19? We have the best indoor activity for you to do during Covid-19: a Countertop Remodel! New countertops improve the aesthetics of your space, add value to your home and make the usage, and clean up easier. Not to mention that your kitchen and bathroom are the major selling points of your home. So, it’s a given that a positive change in these two rooms affects the ROI positively as well.

Another strong reason to replace your countertops can be the existing condition of your counters. Countertops take a lot of blows daily. As a result, they are bound to lose their sheen and functionality after a while. A change of the counters, after they have started to show the wear and tear, makes a lot of sense. 

We can understand that you don’t want to take the risk of any outdoor renovation right now, which is reasonable enough. But because this is an indoor job, a countertop remodel is perfect during the Covid-19 lockdown. Besides, in the U.S.A, home remodeling has already been declared as a part of essential services. It implies that you aren’t going to face any issues concerning the availability of the material. Moreover, you can get the needed stuff delivered right at your doorstep.

Speaking of the material, there is a variety of countertop material that you can choose from. However, Granite, Quartz, and Marble are the ones leading the way at the moment. Other than these three, Soapstone, Butcher Block and Laminate are also preferred by many.

We understand that it’s not an easy decision. Especially considering that you will be living with your chosen countertop for the next 10 years or so. To make your time during Covid-19 fruitful, we have listed down the pros and cons of these popular countertop materials.

1. Granite Countertops

Granite is basically a siliceous stone made up of silicates like quartz, feldspar, and mica that gives the material colorful flecks and sparkling veins.

Very few materials come close to granite when it comes to building a sense of luxury and elegance in home décor. Granite is extremely hard, heat and water-resistant and has antibacterial traits. They work in both kitchen and bathroom too. In bathrooms, colored granite countertops with assorted patterns look gorgeous and don’t mind getting wet! 

Can I DIY my Granite Countertop?

Natural stones are heavy and need to be handled carefully. You are better off getting a professional countertop fabricator for this. The professional installer will be able to make out the ways to adjust the slab to ensure that it fits properly. Besides, natural stone counters may need reinforcement to protect the stone from cracking under its weight.

2. Marble Countertops

Marble has been enchanting people for ages. It’s a beautiful natural material with patterns that are hard to get with a lot of artificial materials. Though marble develops a patina over time, yet, the lived-in look is a hot choice with many.

Can I DIY my Marble Countertop?

The installation of marble countertops needs a lot of preciseness. If you fail to be accurate, you may end up doing more damage than good. It’s better to leave the job to the experienced professionals.

3. Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are made from natural quartz with tiny amounts of glass, and metallic particles added to it. What you get in the end is an immense variety that goes on to produce beautiful countertops. Catch them in a range of whites, blacks, browns, golds, and blues that add character to your interiors.

Can I DIY my Quartz Countertop?

Some homeowners believe that tackling a Quartz Countertop is a DIY job. But the task at times requires the counter to be shored up or modified. More importantly, the job needs more than a single pair of hands and specialized tools to deliver. A small negligence can very well damage your home. It’s best to let the professionals handle the job.

4. Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops work wonderfully to highlight a farmhouse kitchen or add an aesthetic touch to a modern industrial kitchen. You can enliven it by mixing it with materials like glass fragments, shells, and fiber-optic lights.

Can I DIY my Concrete Countertop?

Even if you are extra careful, several things can go wrong in your attempt to DIY your concrete countertop. You may witness ghosting or the shadows of reinforcing rods that show up on the surface. Besides, mixing and finishing a concrete countertop requires time, sufficient space in addition to a climate-controlled environment. Professionals are the best for this job.

5. Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a natural stone with a soap-like silky smooth texture. The material has a distinct look to it and is available in a variety of beautiful grey shades with blue or green undertones.

Can I DIY my Soapstone Countertops?

Like any other countertop, soapstone counters also need accurate measurements for effective installation. Our advice is to let professionals do this.

6. Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops have come a long way from their more primitive peers. They include an endless array of colors and design options with different types of edges to meet every need.

Can I DIY my Laminate Countertop?

If you have a kitchen with a continuous U-shaped countertop that is enclosed by walls, you are going to need the expertise of a professional to handle the installation. This calls for a very precise fitting that is best handled by an expert. If you have any other layout in your kitchen, you can do this easily by yourself.

The Conclusion

Your countertops are the focal point of your interiors. Investing in beautiful and durable countertops is undoubtedly a lucrative decision. In the same go, they end up changing the complexion of your space dramatically, filling it with the pleasure of their presence. 

In the situation where Covid-19 has restricted us to the confines of our home, remodeling your countertops can be one of the best decisions you could ever take!

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