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Bianco Juparana

Bianco Juparana has lines and specks of grey and blue splashed on its eloquent white base. Think dots of grayish-blue or a vivid grey splashed in aesthetic pattern on a creamy body. Although it has warm and pleasant tones in both bright lighting and dull environments, it is to be noted that whites are more prominent in sunny or well-lit environments. On foggy days or under dull lighting, grays may be more noticeable. It is quarried in India and reeks of that Indian architectural charm.

Also known as Juperana Bianco Granite, this color-neutral stone blends in every room and corner of the house. It looks like the sky’s colors have been inverted! Its base has the wide, never-ending depth of the sky in form of its white base and black looking dots adorn it like stars do the sky. It basically swaps light tones for dark ones with the sky, and brings the same kind of eye-catching beauty to the table.

With a very low rate of abrasion and very high immunity to water & other corrosive agents, it is nothing if not value for money. Because of its beauty and long-lasting strength, it’s a very commonplace stone in houses which desire all-purpose stones for use in kitchens, floor tiling, pool capping, fountains, fire surrounds, backsplashes etc. With its resistance to heat & water and thickness, this natural stone has written permanence written all over it. It is also available in Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted textures to partner well with rugged and more vivid themes. In general, this stone goes well with classic and modern themed remodeling projects which want the stone to play a supporting role for the ‘vibe’ of the house.

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