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Black Galaxy Granite

This granite is brought to you from the dreamy state of Andhra Pradesh in India to add an ethereal look to renovations. Imagine having a piece of décor that reminds you of lying in an open field and watching patterns of constellations forming in the deep, black sky! This glorious stone is just like a miniature version of urban sky with a deep black base and flecks of white sprinkled across its surface. Its star-like dots are often softened by black dots that may appear alongside. Also known as Star Galaxy Granite and Nero Galaxy, the base has splashes of dots that may sometimes even form constellation-like patterns. Sometimes, the creamy white dots can be accompanied by yellowish golden tones. It’s the silver and golden tones that give it an even more celestial look. It is breathtaking a sight in houses both on closer inspection and as one casually glances at it.

Besides being stupendous and having everlasting strength, its hard body is very immune to acidic and weather conditions—making it a leading choice for kitchens and exterior projects. Also used widely for staircase and flooring, it can be utilized for wall accents too. Its dark base looks heavenly in contrast to cream and white furniture. It works extraordinarily well with black-and-white patterned cabinetry as well. It is also available in various variants. Depending on the quality and price, some slabs may have small or big galaxies. The difference may also arise in terms of irregular and regular patterns. A few slabs may also have constellation-like lines running alongside dots. It gives the consumer a wide-range of options to pick from based on their budget and preference.

Available in both slab and tile form, it brings a touch of opulence to kitchens and rooms alike. Widely used for floors, staircases, kitchen countertops and other interior and exterior projects, this stone is often commended for its versatility. The available tile sizes are 12* 12, 18*18 and 24*24.  As black complements everything, it relieves the homeowners of the headache of having to go out of the way to mix and match everything in the house. Perfect for contemporary houses and busy people, this easy to clean dainty beauty is top notch for all projects that require endurance to abrasion. One of the best features of this granite is that it’s so resistant to water damage and absorption that it doesn’t require sealing. It mixes elegance with strength so delicately—it’s hard to tell the difference.

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