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Black Ocean Honed

If you are one of those people who absolutely can’t decide what to pick and regret choices later on–this is your savior. This majestic stone has the color that is undisputedly the king of complementing everything it is placed with. The universal applicability of black comes alive with a wave-like white and cream pattern across its body. Think a gigantic ocean of black with foamy white waves as they wash against the shore. Whether you like classic appeal or modern touch, it will go with any furniture or wall accent that you have. It also goes well with vintage and rustic themes. Pick whatever cabinetry or flooring you want if you choose this for your worktop.

Besides its versatility, like most granites, it is low maintenance and takes very little effort to clean. It has an average thickness of 1 ¼ inches, giving it a sturdy and robust performance that can withstand a lot of heat, scratches and acids. For something that reeks of permanence, granites are definitely exemplary. This particular finish is also exquisite in its own right. It comes with a smooth honed finish that balances the brightness in such a way that it preserves black’s vividness while reducing the overbearing effect its jazziness has.

Due to its opulent finish, it is often also used in buildings of importance, as well as commercial and residential establishments. Its notable use can be seen in the timeless Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the capital of the United States. It is to be noted however that this particular granite is not frost resistant and hence should be avoided in climates that have a lot of snowfall. More suited for indoor projects, this stone is ideal for bathroom floors and wall accents, shower floors; shower walls, interiors of residential and commercial buildings. Buy this if you are looking for a headache free partner to your existing furniture and flooring.

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