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Black Polished Marble

This metamorphic rock goes through thousands of years of rigorous pressure by wind movement, heat, air and water to ultimately bring the same strength and vigor to your home. Marble is an immortal classic and has a whole history of being used in the greats of the world— Michelangelo’s David and the Pantheon of Rome. Its usage is also prominent in the twenty-first century skyscraper Aon center in Chicago, Illinois and the very famous Glasgow City Chambers of the Glasgow City in Scotland. The point being:  Just like its background color black, it goes with everything! Its black base has very thin cleaves of white smeared across its vividly polished body.  As a perennial classic, this particular piece really stands out because of its urban night sky feel. It has an eternity of black of the night sky marked with the white of twinkling stars and feel of a silky smooth moonstone.

It is commonly used in a lot of commercial buildings like shops, offices as well and brings out a minimalistic appeal those modern commercial properties desire. It is widely used for floor tiling, paving material and walls for the versatility that its tint brings. Some modish kitchens also use this pocket-friendly stone for kitchen countertops as it supplements almost all colors. It also reflects a lot of natural light and makes homes look more luminous and bright. Be it ancient buildings or modern skyscrapers, traditional homes or more chic residences, this spectacular stone just befits every place.

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