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Blue Pearl Granite

This stunning blue granite from the Scandinavian country of Norway reflects the very best of Norway: its beauty. As popular as Norway is for its magnificent Northern Lights, this stone is famous for its luminescent silver minerals that cover its dark blue body. Some blue, brown and black deposits of minerals may also be found. With velvety smooth bedrock, the reflective minerals on its body cover it in a pattern of dots of different sizes. They mottle it so gracefully that it’s almost impossible to distinguish the bedrock from the minerals that cover it. Blue Pearls Granite appears gray from a distance due to the beautiful concoction of silver and blues that form its ethereal palette. It is a very reflective stone in any room and adds a lot of natural light in any ambience.

Despite being very reflective, this stone goes with everything. It produces a posh look in both classic and modern homes. Although the minerals on it are shiny, the bedrock adds that muted touch this stone needs to tone it down. The contrast is perfect to get the balanced output a fabricator requires to put stones to multipurpose use. It will garner a lot of praises and compliments without stealing the spotlight away from other attractions in the room (unless you want it to!). The key lies in using it wisely. For making it the focal point of attention in a room or kitchen, balance it with light cabinetry and wall accents. If used in a room with darker furniture or wall paint, it blends in and appears gray with blue undertones. It says versatility like jewelry pearls do: they both go with everything!

It is also a very practical purchase. Homeowners often underestimate how important it is to have something that has excellent stain resistance. Its complex spotty pattern prevents the appearance of stains and smudges. It is also very heat resistant which makes it perfect to cook on in style. It is also widely used in luxury commercial and residential establishments for its arresting charm and unbeatable durability. For A-game gentrification, it is used for kitchen islands, wall accents, wall cladding and other design projects. It is also NSF and Green-guard Indoor Air Quality Certified–which are a testament to its safety standards. If you are looking for premium quality granite to use for remodeling, this piece should be your first choice.

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