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Botticino Fiorito

Botticino Fiorito is a beige colored marble from the Jurassic era that metamorphoses into this gorgeous, toffee colored beauty after dolomite or limestone takes the pressure of heat and wind for thousands of years.  Also known fondly as Florito and Forito, it has various tones of brown and dull yellow across its base. The blotches of dull yellow and brown glaze themselves smoothly over the bedrock in a seamless fashion.  Its striking appearance comes from a delicate concoction of various natural minerals like Magnesium oxide, Sodium oxide, Iron(III) oxide, Calcium oxide, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide—all of which impart a different hue to it.  Shades and pattern variations occur in forms of vividness of various hues but all of them are rather striking in their own might.

With a density of 2.70 grams per cubic meter, it has phenomenal strength and rigidity. It is also quite popular for its resistance to grease. It only has 0.07% water porosity which is a testament of its water resistance. For its looks and strength, consumers take it home for use in different types of interior and exterior projects. It is an everyday sight in bathrooms and alleyways as well as flooring and wall accents. It can also be cut in different ways like Bullnose, Ogee, Eased etc to suit personalized requirements. Available in tile sizes of 12×12, 15×15, 18×18, 24×24 inches, it makes an excellent piece for the chimney. It makes for a stunning addition to the hearth, fireplace surround and back panels.

It is a multi-purpose stone and can be used for many kinds of indoor and outdoor projects. Its shiny body and ease of maintenance appeals to most, and it makes an excellent addition to houses which want a little more hue to their minimalistic houses full of muted whites and dark colors. It adds a tinge of warmth without being very loud in any room. It is quite a stunning piece even without extra finishing. If one does opt for polishing though, it must be noted that it is not recommended for kitchen worktops. Use should also be avoided for pool capping. It is ideal for flooring, wall accents and backsplashes.

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