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Britannia Honed

Britannia is a modern-themed limestone that has been enjoying utility since centuries for architectural marvels. Primarily seen in the Pyramid of Giza, this gray sedimentary stone looks striking when used in any house for flooring and wall cladding. It has a gray surface which goes well in contemporary households that want floors that accentuate other attractions in the room. Although quite elegant itself, it is soft and mellow and generally works well if one wants to go for warm touch without a overdose of color. It is not a ‘loud’ stone and embodies a sophistication that will complement new-age households.


Its primary utility comes in form of flooring in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Its color ensures that every type of fixtures, furniture and wall accents go with it. It works well as wall accent too when contrasted with darker furniture and flooring. Available mainly in tile form, the thickness of each tile is ½ inch and requires White thin-set mortar for installation. Since this is a natural stone, sealing is required to reduce water porosity.


This striking gray limestone comes with a Honed finish that makes it matte and perfect for the sophisticated look that modern homes require. A honed finish smoothes the natural texture of the limestone by filling in grout in seams. The result is a velvety smooth surface without unnecessary shine. Minimalistic and chic, this complements the gray tones in Britannia to set your renovation a class apart.

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