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Brown Lapiz Granite

Combine the durability of granite and throw in the elegance of an earthy brown, and you have yourself Brown Lapiz. This elegant slab is covered in brown spots of different shades that make for a solid yet comforting addition to homes looking for a classic or modern appeal. Due to its mellowed hues, it is easy to use Brown Lapiz anywhere without worrying about it hogging a lot of attention away from other things in the rooms.


Weighing around 18.8100 per square feet, it is available in a slab form with the thickness of 1 ¼ inches. An igneous rock like Lapiz comes with a guarantee of being able to perform on high level of durability without even trying. Granites are known to be very hard and dense and that makes them a timeless addition to houses looking to avoid future remodeling costs. They are very resistant to heat and abrasion—so it is easy to use these as fireplace surrounds, kitchen worktops and flooring. Because granites do not absorb water, fabricators do not need to worry about damage due to water action as well. It adds a serious touch to rooms to contrast with loud furniture or wall accents. Although its recommended usage is not for exterior projects in areas with heavy snowfall as it is not frost resistant, it is a great purchase for interior décor if contemporary and versatile is how you would describe your style. This particular piece makes for a practical yet elegant addition to both offices and homes that are going for a minimalistic look.

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