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Calacatta vs Carrara Marble: Which Should You Choose?

Have you ever noticed beautiful, white, stone statues or sculptures at museums or in huge buildings? You might view the same stunning stone at homes, stairs, countertops, or on a gorgeous fireplace. This elegant stone or rock is called marbleYou can find various types of marble around the world. The most famous and luxurious ones used in housing around the U.S. are Calacatta vs Carrara marble, among others. 

Ever wondered what the difference between Calacatta vs Carrara marble is? Before we get into the technicalities, let’s learn more about this precious natural stone. 


Pros and Cons Of Marble

Marble is a type of natural stone that is usually white and is mined from the Earth’s surface. There’s no denying it; marble often wins the popular vote among kitchen countertop materials

There are different colors and patterns of marble readily available, too. It can transform any room by its jaw-dropping beauty and make a bold statement. If you maintain it well, it can increase your property’s sale value significantly. 

On the contrary, like any other luxury goods, marble is never cheap. You can, of course, get affordable alternatives, but the pristine, glossy statement marble pieces do not come cheap. 

Make sure you have some wiggle room, and your budget is on the higher side. Also, marble is heavy; installation can be tough and can only be done by professionals. 



Popular Uses

Marble In A Bathroom
Photo By Nathan Van Egmond On Unsplash

You can use this versatile stone to bring beauty and luxury to any interior or exterior design. Homeowners opt for marble for its timeless beauty, even though it can show wear and tear over the years. It means you’ll have to embrace the stone for what it looks like, veins and scratches combined. 

Commonly, marble countertops provide elegance and style to your kitchen and bathroom, but there several other ways you can incorporate marble in your home. You can use it to make a statement and inject that wow factor

However, you can also use marble as accent pieces to make a more significant statement than usual. Let’s look at ways to incorporate marble in your kitchen, be it Calacatta vs Carrara marble.



Be it your kitchen or the bathroom vanity, backsplash, or an accent wall, and marble can stand out in any room. It provides a beautiful statement to a simple design and also a fresh look. 



As mentioned earlier, marble is an excellent choice for your kitchen countertops. They can be a pricey alternative to your regular hardwood or concrete surface, but it will ooze elegance nonetheless. 

Make sure you seal your marble from time to time to maintain its look. Being porous, it can lead to etching and stubborn stains very easily. So it’s best to clean them as soon as you’re done cooking or doing the dishes to avoid any permanent damage. 



Flooring makes the space. They add grandeur and luxury to even a simple design. Why not add marble to the flooring and turn it into a visual feast? By using some large matching slabs of the same type of marble can help create a breathtaking appearance. 


Calacatta Marble vs Carrara Marble


Calacatta Marble 

Calacatta Marble Countertop
Photo By Micheile Henderson On Unsplash

Calacatta Marble has a warm, creamy white background with dramatic taupe, gray, and often gold veins. The veins of Calacatta typically form an organic pattern, which gives it its richness. Furthermore, a slab with such dramatic veining can make a stunning fireplace surround. 

While it originates from Carrara in Italy, Calacatta marble is rarer than Carrara marble; and is considered a luxury stone. It is pricier, and the veining is bolder than that of Carrara marble. The veins can range from gold to brown to beige; they’re thick and dramatic, too. 

Moreover, one way to point out the difference is looking for the whitest one in the room. But remember, the whiter the marble, the more expensive it will be. Nevertheless, Calacatta is still a durable and fabulous marble option for your countertop, backsplash, and even the flooring.

Similarly, due to its contrasting appeal, Calacatta in the bathroom can create a regal look. Think of an all-white bathroom countertop and big white marble slabs with deep gold or grey veins. It will open up the space and make it more relaxed and inviting. 


Carrara Marble 

Carrara Marble In A Kitchen
Photo By Sidekix Media On Unsplash

On the contrary, Carrara marble is a two-tone cool, white, and gray stone that has a grainy background as well as spidery veins. More readily available, Carrara marble is a beautiful and classic choice for bathroom vanity countertops

If you’re torn between two stones, Carrara marble is the better choice, especially for your kitchen countertop. With occasional polishing and frequent sealing, your marble will remain pristine for decades. 

It also works best in the kitchen as the heavy veining can hide all your wine, coffee spills, as well as gravy stains. It is a touch more forgiving than Calacatta marble, too. But how does one differentiate the two? 

While they are both from Carrara in Italy, they are sourced from different mountains. It is the reason Carrara marble is less white than Calacatta marble. 

Sometimes, it also appears greyish or more on the faded side due to the veins compared to Calacatta. In fact, many homeowners go gaga over the soft feather grains and the subtle veining. 


Which Should You Choose?

Calacatta Vs Carrara Marble Kitchen
Photo By André François Mckenzie On Unsplash

There is no right answer in determining which marble you want to purchase. It highly depends on your budget, your overall design, and your space, for that matter. Both Calacatta vs Carrara marble is unique and incredibly beautiful. 

Both the surfaces are porous. Hence, making them susceptible to etching and stains. Yet, they prove to be extremely durable when maintained and sealed periodically. They will both add a sense of style and luxury to your space.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the fine details. You have to decide whether you want to create a bolder, dramatic statement in your space or stick to the subtle, elegant route. Calacatta would work best for homeowners who want an eye-catching appearance; Carrara marble is for someone who wants a minimal, understated look. 


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