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Choosing Marble Countertops in Fairfax, Virginia

Remodeling your kitchen can be stressful. Between choosing the perfect design, and remaining within your budget, it is one of the most difficult home improvement projects you can take on. USA Marble and Granite is there every step of the way for our customers in Fairfax, VA. Our business model has been working since 1997, and we can confidently say that we provide more than just product and insulation. We provide a total service package, from day one, and offer the greatest value. USA Marble and Granite doesn’t just sell and install marble. We take pride in our ability to guide you through every step of the process.

Why Marble?

Marble countertops can add a touch of elegance, brightness, and sophistication to any kitchen. They are one of the cheapest solutions if you want to go with a stone solution, without looking tacky. Many people shy away from marble countertops because they have a reputation for being difficult to maintain. While admittedly not as easy to maintain as quartz or granite, the extra care may be worth it, as the impact that marble can have on the look and feel of a kitchen is incredible.

What is Marble?

 Marble is one of the softer metamorphic stones, which means it is porous. This is part of the reason marble takes extra care to maintain. It is formed out of calcium carbonate, which means it reacts with acids, which can also create stains. There is however, an advantage to this property. Well-worn marble can feel natural, and look fantastic.

Marble Maintenance

Maintenance is actually an overstatement for this material. In reality, there are only three things that need to be done. The first is the initial seal of the material. This helps keeps the porous material from staining and etching. Next, you just need to make sure to wipe down your marble countertops with soapy water after every use. Finally, just make sure to have your counter re-sealed as needed.


USA Marble and Granite Company offers a wide variety of colors and styles, and will work with you to get just the look you desire. All of our customers get complete control over every aspect of their custom marble installation. USA Marble and Granite installers are trained to follow the strict manufacturer’s specifications for installation and sealing to the letter, so you can rest assured, you are getting an absolutely professional installation. You will not find a more skilled and professional group of artisans in the Fairfax, VA. area. USA Marble and Granite hires only the best of the best in the trade.

More Choice

Even if you choose to not go for marble for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel, USA Marble and Granite also offers soapstone and marble surfaces. If you’re looking for any stone work at all, USA Marble and Granite Company is the company to help you create a surface that meets both your aesthetic and practical needs.

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