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Delicatus White

Think touching snow as dark brown leaves cover its surface. This is exactly how this picturesque stone looks. Delicatus White has stunning icy white base and a distinct pattern of black, grey and mineral deposits crystallized on its body. They give the appearance of a forest clad with a blanket of snow. Although it has an overall white appearance even if viewed from a distance, some slabs may appear to have a tinge of blue or grey on the bedrock. This happens if the grey mineral is present in huge quantities. It can form 30 to 60 percent of the overall deposits on it. Another mineral found in great quantities is the black mineral which can also take 30 to 60 percent of the surface area. A deep blue mineral is also present. All slabs will generally have a variegated composition of these minerals and the patterns they form. Sometimes the minerals will be intertwined in form of delicate veins and at other times, there will be isolated spots of these minerals on a slab of Delicatus White.

The concoction of minerals may sometime give birth to a yellow tinge on the bedrock which looks very elegant. The crystals that form the patterns can be of different sizes too! Sometimes going up to 10 cm in diameter, most of these beautiful quartz deposits are generally small in size and are freckled on the surface like pepper. Each slab is unique—so homeowners have an opportunity to pick their right fit. Even fabricators rejoice at the sight of this stunning Brazilian exemplar for its evergreen base color. It blends in most rooms and houses if used correctly. To make it the centerpiece, it should used with a room that has dark accents. To make it blend in, light colors should be used. It goes best with white cabinets when used for kitchen worktops and kitchen islands.

If you are worried about its light surface being prone to staining, don’t be! Its complex patterns of blotches prevent any stains from being visible easily. It is therefore very easy to maintain and clean. Just like other granites, it also lasts for years and is heat-resistant. Use it anywhere in the house without worry if you are looking for something that combines elegance and strength effortlessly.

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