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Diana Royal

There are some things that require no descriptive praises to attract attention as the mere mention of their names is an exemplification of their quality. Diana Royal’s name is what it says it is: a look so regal that you will be transported to the exquisite Topkapi palace. This Turkish beige marble is as posh as something gets. With a fawn and cream colored base, it is a gentle reminder of significance of marble in the world history. It is a frequent sight in the Middle Eastern architecture as its soft undertones exude a feeling of sacredness and purity.


For homes looking for a grand impression, this refined marble does the job well when used with appropriate furniture. It is frequently used for mosaics, bathroom floors, vanity tops and countertops as it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its pattern of creamy brown waves blends effortlessly with the bedrock to produce a multipurpose stone that offers versatility for use. Its mellow pastels allow for a touch of sophistication and luxury to just about anything. Light colored marbles such as this one, blend in with everything.  Our personal favorite is the way it brings out the elegance of brown or cappuccino colored furniture. The contrast produces a stunning effect.


This premium marble is made up of dolomite and is quite durable. Unlike most marbles, sealing is not required very often. A good sealant can work on it for up to 15 years, and so this is quite easy on the pocket too! It has strength, it has elegance, it has a historical charm—it’s a stone that practically sells itself.


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