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Fantasy Brown Quartz

This stone has eye-catching appeal that homeowners fall in love with at first sight. A look at this pièce de résistance can explain why. It comes in grey, white and brown colors with long dramatic stripes running across its body like waves of water. Think coffee and cream!  It has the elegance of marble packed into a more durable and earthy stone and is quite a treat in modern kitchens that desire to contrast white & dark cabinetry with a nut-brown hue. Its neutral hue and unique pattern also make it appear very beachy. One is instantly reminded of a sunny day and the foam of the ocean contrasting brilliantly with the toffee colored beach–much like the pattern of this stone. White shadowy curvy lines collectively look like a torrent of sea water that gently brushes against the brown of the base color.

Its elegance is not the only noteworthy thing about it, though. This stone gets formed due to action of heat and pressure on pure quartz sandstone and as a result, is undoubtedly one of the most durable stones in use today. It has a polished surface that radiates light without making it very shiny. The subtleness of its playfulness with light is what makes it a beauty to behold. It attracts attention in a house but not so much that it takes away the attention from other focal points in the room: it just complements those! It has shot to popularity in the recent years due to its elegance & unchallengeable endurance to heat, scratches & wear-and-tear that occurs due to everyday use.

With smoky blotches across its magnificent body, it makes for a perfect fit for kitchen countertops as it has very low porosity and a consummate look.  It is also very easy to tidy up and requires little maintenance. It is sealed off before installation to add even more endurance to it. Bi-annual sealing may be recommended for sustaining its polished look. With its low maintenance, beauty and durability, this is bound to be a mainstay in a modern kitchen.

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