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Follow These Top Trends of Granite Countertops in Fairfax

Granite is the most popular countertop option for your kitchen and bathroom. People looking out for the best granite countertops usually discover a vast range of colors and patterns that translate into various applications. Whether you are looking to turn a traditional space into something modern or add a touch of class to something bland, granite is the perfect countertop option for you. 

When homeowners start their renovation journey, the latest trends often come as a surprise and excitement. People are looking out for various trends and designs to make their kitchen appear elegant while staying hyper-functional. Kitchen designs have evolved over the last few decades and continue to be innovated as we move further.

Hence, proper planning and research are essential when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. Specifically, various trends of granite countertops in Fairfax are becoming quite popular, and homeowners are starting to implement these newer options when buying granite for their kitchen or bathroom


Neutral Tones


Neutral Granite Tones
Photo By Jessica Lewis On Unsplash

Neutral tones of granite countertop colors never move out of trend. While homeowners are moving towards more noticeable patterns and veins in their granite countertops, neutral tones are still popular among people who want something classy. 

Whether it is white, cream, or light blues, neutral tones are abundant with granite slabs in Fairfax, and they make up of the top trends of granite countertops


Honed or Matte Finish

Honed or matte finish granite countertops are more popular than ever in Fairfax. You will find countertops with either little or zero shine. Besides, they look different on every stone option and color.

Matte granite countertops always deliver a gorgeous low sheen and a perfectly smooth look. Nevertheless, matte finish countertops really stand out. Also, they focus on the natural patterns in granite with no light reflections.


Veins and Patterns


Pattern Trends Granite Countertops Fairfax
Photo By Ricardo Avelar On Unsplash

Veins and patterns are back again as a top trend for natural stone countertops like granite. After a few years of looking out for the cleanest stone possible, designers and homeowners are again choosing a stone with quality. 

While some granite countertop options have minimal patterns and veins, which also look amazing, other granite options are packed with rich, naturally-forming designs that make every kitchen and bathroom look novel. 


Most Popular Colors for Granite Countertops in Fairfax


Granite Countertop Colors Trend
Photo By Sidekix Media On Unsplash

Alaska White

With Alaska white, you can create the most stunning granite kitchen countertops. This stone has a more vivid background with darker minerals running throughout the slab, creating a striking look that works great with different designs.

The white accents can pull in some lighter aesthetics if paired with dark wood cabinetry. Further, the darker elements can provide a great visual contrast to white or grey cabinetry.

Black Pearl Leather

Black pearl leather granite is predominantly black granite with a semi-solid color tone and speckles of blacks, golds, browns, greens, silvers, and shades of gray.

Furthermore, a leather finish is gaining more traction in the countertop world. Interestingly, it features a soft sheen, although less than polished granite but includes a textured appearance. 

Blue Pearl

Blue pearl granite highlights gorgeous shades of blues, beige and, grays. This blue granite kitchen countertop has a charming and almost metallic blue background.

Also, the shimmering specks of gray and black provide a fantastic lustrous look to this stone and the whole kitchen space. You can pair blue pearl granite countertops with bright white cabinetry to bring out the colors in this material and make them pop up. 

White Ice

One of the most popular white granite in Fairfax, you can recognize white granite for its absolute beauty. This granite has been loved for many years, and its popularity only continues to increase. 

White ice granite features a mixture of blue and grey tones running everywhere. If you want to make a statement, couple this stone with a darker cabinet or achieve a trending and timeless design by combining it with white cabinetry.



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