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Glacier White

This majestic looking granite has a stunning white background with closely intertwined blotches of dark brown and black. The pattern can sometimes merge with the backcloth in such a way that they can become indistinguishable from one another. If a lot of brown is present, it can transport one to snow clad mountains while bringing the same rustic feel to your gentrification.

As a homeowner, one has to make tough decisions: Will the cabinets go with the countertop? Will the floors match the furniture? As renovation is often pricey and time-consuming, big additions to the house like kitchen worktops and wall accents need to be chosen carefully. This is where Granite White steps in and saves the day! Most people either match cabinetry or floor color with countertop, but you don’t have to choose one. You can pick whatever color you want for both as white complements everything. Because it is predominantly white, it saves the fabricators the headache of color coordinating things too. Our personal favorite is the modern, high-contrast look it brings out when contrasted with dark accents. It adds a sharp, sophisticated touch that way. If combined with lighter pastels, it sends us back to 50s country-style housing. Simple or ornate, rustic or modern: it achieves all of those effortlessly.

Due to its unquestionable elegance, most people take its strength for granted. It doesn’t get enough credit for how practical a purchase this is.  It is resistant to heat, water, scratches and acids. Stains are easy to remove with any granite cleaner. In short, such a breeze to maintain! And because it is granite, you know you are paying for something that you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing. It can last for years even without sealing, although it may be required during installation. This Indian beauty is nothing if not value for money: it has striking looks, rustic feel, versatility, ornamental charm and strength. Your home will thank you for introducing it to its lover when you bring this over!

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