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Granite countertop costs in the US

Granite countertops can add a substantial amount of beauty to your kitchen and your home as a whole. Depending on where you live, this can be quite an expensive undertaking. You should know that this is one scenario in which you get what you pay for. Granite countertops are more durable and last longer than other countertop materials. I should also mention that there are so many options available when it comes to color and style. Purchasing a granite countertop can turn out to be a good investment and does not have to be extremely expensive if you know the proper places to look.

The national average for granite countertops is a little over $3,000. Of course this fluctuates depending on where in the United States you are since costs of living and of various products have to be taken into account. When granite first became popular, it was expensive. Due to different reasons, granite is cheaper. Granite is believed to be the highest quality natural stone countertop material. Quartz is not too far behind, but quartz is usually more expensive. The result of this is that more people are drawn to granite since it is slightly cheaper. Quantity can also affect the price of granite.

Granite slabs can be between $5 and $20 per square foot. This is once again dependent on location and who installs the granite and a number of other factors involved. Granite tiles are between $5 and $15 per square foot. These are the two types of material that granite will be available in. You might be able to save money by making the installation of the granite a DIY project. However, you will need at least two people if you wish to go down that route. The reason for this is that there are types of granite that can be rather heavy at times.

One place where you can buy granite is at a home improvement store. Most of the time, home improvement stores will have a limited number of choices for available granite. Local non-chain stores will have a wider range of granite products to choose from. These local retailers are also a better choice when it comes to installation of the granite itself. What this means is that these stores will customize the granite to your exact specifications while chain stores are more limited when it comes to this. The bigger stores will select patterns that have already been prepared ahead of time. Labor is also a consideration. Labor can cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars alone.

In short, granite countertops can add an untold amount of aesthetic value to your kitchen. However, it is wise to know where and how to buy the granite that you want for the job. Make smart choices when purchasing granite and you will not regret the decision. You should dream big, but not out of the range of your wallet. Hopefully now, you will have some insight as to how much granite countertops can cost.

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