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Granite Countertop Fairfax

Since time immemorial, granite has also been characterized as brawny, distinctive, long-lasting, elegant and alluring. Granite is one of the aged natural stones that still exist until today. They offer a variety of colors and patterns to pick from for your house. It has always symbolized a feeling of strength and endurance in any home. It is also a versatile stone which can be used in a home to produce beautiful designs as well as on a horse farm in a stone chalet. This stone is very eye catching when used to design a house. Visit us today for marvelous results.

Since 1997, we have provided perfect renovation services to Maryland, Virginia and areas within Washington DC with best materials, professional standards and step by step services.

  • Step 1

Contact our customer service providers to find out more about the marvelous services that we offer.

  • Step 2

Choose the best option (patterns, colors, and among many others) for you from our website or showroom.

  • Step 3

Create time with for us for measurements.

  • Step 4

We will start manufacturing the materials required for the entire project.

  • Step 5

Our trained and experienced experts arrives at your place to start the entire installation process.


It is important that you go for a durable and tough products. Remember granite is among the hardest rocks, comes second after diamond. With granite, you will have a long lasting countertop ever. It is chip, crack and scratch resistance. It is also resistance to heat because of its hard nature.

Granite is also easy to maintain making it the best countertop. It requires proper sealing that is why Fairfax is loaded with experienced experts for you. After the sealing, it will be very easy to clean it using water and soap. The sealing also prevents it from contact with stains and bacteria.

With granite, your home value will automatically be boosted. Granite countertops will automatically makes your home very attractive and valuable. When you later decide the house, everybody will love the one with granite countertop.

Believe me or not, granite countertops will over you a long term investment. You will enjoy your countertops for the next fifty years while your neighbors will be replacing their wooden tops every single year or twice. At the end of it all, you will appreciate the fact that granites are cost-effective.


Granite countertop Fairfax is a reliable service provider that you can rely on for great services. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, we assure you real satisfaction through quality services. In Fairfax, we also provide kitchen countertops which are very professional and bathroom countertops good turn for our customers whether they are residential or commercial. We also have experienced experts who will take you through the whole process starting from the invention to the final installation. Besides our fabrication processes, there is also interior painting service provided for you. Our main aim at Fairfax is to provide you with quality services in every process as per your preferences and specification.

Showroom + Fabrication

2821 Dorr Ave,
Unit F, Fairfax, VA 22031


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