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Granite Countertops Color Options

Granite is available in a large number of colors and styles. The exact color and style that you want depends on what your objectives are and what you want your countertops to look like. Your smaller and more local retailers will have more options available to you than the chain stores. With that information in mind, it is a much better choice to go to a local retailer for your granite-related needs than to a big chain store. However, the option of patronizing a chain store is still available to you should you still have the desire to do so.

Some of the colors that granite is available in are white, black, beige, and blue among other colors. As of 2015, the most popular colors of granite on the market were variations of brown and beige. Granite countertops that are pure white are rare. Most of the white countertops available have specks of other colors in them. It is advised to use white countertops to make your kitchen appear more open. Lighter colors are also less likely to display marks of wear and tear. Experts on the subject do say that white is the best color to use for your countertop too.

Darker colors tend to have the opposite effect of lighter colors. Darker colors are more likely to show wear and tear than lighter colors are. Granite countertops that are darker can also have the effect of making your kitchen seem smaller. Darker colors can be used for a modern appearance in your kitchen as well. Bold-colored items can enhance the appearance of the kitchen. Another aesthetically pleasing option is to dark colors in combination with white cabinets and appliances made of stainless steel. If using darker colors is too pricey for you, you can always choose to use a wholesaler to make the purchase instead.

There are several factors that determine why granite comes in the different colors that it is available in. Rocks that are entirely white are manmade and engineered to look that way. White granite rocks are made up of quartz and feldspar. Completely black rocks are not considered granite either. In fact, black granite is considered gabbro and not granite. Pink granite has a considerable amount of potassium feldspar in it. I think it should also be mentioned that blue granite is not thought of as granite either. This is also the case with so-called green granite too.

There are so many forms and colors of granite available on the market. Local retailers will be of more assistance when helping you find the colors that you need. Granite can come in white, black, and red just to name a couple of colors. Lighter colors can give the illusion of a bigger kitchen and is less likely to show signs of wear and tear. Darker colors display these marks of wear and tear more clearly. It is worth noting that even though many colors of granite presented are not purely granite, they are still worth using to add to your kitchen’s beauty.

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