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Granite Countertops Maintenance – Do’s and Don’ts

Today, granite is undoubtedly the top material of choice for renovating kitchen countertops. It is sturdy and easy on the eye and an excellent way of upgrading your kitchen. Granite countertops leave a very positive first impression on relatives, friends, and potential customers who visit your home. However, granite countertops maintenance and care have always been a factor.

After all, the elegance and versatile nature of granite has been praised from times immemorial. And, of course, granite countertops maintenance is remarkably easy as well.

That said, you must not become complacent in this regard. Admittedly, granite is durable and highly resistant to stains. But in order to keep it in good condition, you need to put in a certain amount of effort too.

You also need to consider a number of factors when it comes to this issue. By investing wisely, you will make good use of your budget and will preserve the beauty of your countertop for decades to come. Here are the important dos and don’ts associated with granite countertops maintenance.

Let us begin with the do’s of granite countertops maintenance first.


Remove Stains As Soon As Possible

Admittedly, granite is significantly resistant to stain compared to other materials available in the market. However, it is still highly advisable that you clear up anything that spills over your countertop. This especially applies to acidic fluids like wine, sauces, sodas, and juices. They can result in visible and ungainly stains if left upon granite for too long.

The same goes for cooking oils of any sort as well. Blotting up stains promptly is an integral part of granite countertop maintenance. In this way, you can keep your countertop shining like new for a long time.


Use a Sponge or Soft Cloth to Clean Your Countertop

Granite Countertop Maintenance Cleaning
Photo By Polina Tankilevitch From Pexels

When it comes to deep cleaning purposes, it is better to use certain specialty products, which will be discussed soon. But if you simply need to wipe your countertop quickly, you can work with normal hot water as well.

It is highly recommendable to use a sponge or soft cloth to clean your countertop. These materials are easy and gentle on the granite. They will also not scratch away the sealant in due course of time. Using them regularly is a simple and effective way for granite countertops maintenance.


Make Sure to Use A Coaster All the Time

Compared to other materials available in the market, granite is remarkably resistant to scratches. However, you should still try to put a coaster beneath your drinks after putting them on the counter. By doing this, you can effectively protect your surface and save it from any potential scratches. It is an easy and efficient method for quality granite countertops maintenance.


Protect the Granite Surface from Hot Utensils

Hot Utensils Granite Countertop Maintenance
Photo By Rodnae Productions From Pexels

Granite is widely known for its admirable resistance to heat. It will not be easily damaged even if a red-hot pot of steaming water is put directly upon the surface. That said, doing this can lead to certain other issues with your countertop.

For example, it can lead to dirt and grit sticking to the lower portion of your pot. That will then cause the granite to become scratched if it is put upon it and moved about.

In due course of time, these seemingly small scratches can accumulate and lead to a hideous appearance. Cutting vegetables on the countertop can lead to the same problem as well. Although you can theoretically use the countertop for that purpose, it is highly advisable to use an actual cutting board as much as possible.

And now, let us go through the don’ts of granite countertops maintenance.


Avoid Putting Excessive Weight upon the Granite Countertop

Remember those laminate countertops back in your childhood? You likely have fond memories of hopping up and down on them as a child. Perhaps you also used to stand on them to get to out-of-reach shelves.

However, this is not advisable to do as an adult. You should do your best to utilize a proper step stool for this purpose. Putting too much weight on a granite kitchen countertop can lead to it getting cracked.

Since they do not possess wood for support, they may not be able to withstand such excessive force. By investing a little prudence in granite countertops maintenance, you can avoid a lot of problems.


Do Not Use Your Granite Surface to Store Any Kind of Product

If you properly seal granite, it will be largely resistant to scratches. However, like everything else, there is a clear limit to this aspect of granite. A lot of homeowners tend to leave substances like cooking oil lying carelessly upon their kitchen countertops. Unfortunately, these materials tend to get leaked or spilled over. If they are left lying over your granite countertop for an extended period of time, they can lead to staining.

Thus, it is highly advisable that you store such substances inside a cupboard or on a shelf. If you do have to leave them outside for storage, then cover your countertop with something for protection. It is an effective way of ensuring good maintenance for the same.

Similarly, we strongly advise against putting any sort of wet bottle upon the granite. That includes objects like aftershave, perfume, and the like. You should instead try to store cosmetic items and fragrances inside mirror trays and other similar containers.


Refrain from Using Common Household Cleaners

Kelly Sikkema Djcvoquzxf0 Unsplash
Photo By Kelly Sikkema On Unsplash

The majority of the household cleaners available in the market possess ingredients which are acidic in nature. These tend to corrode and destroy the sealant on your granite in due course of time. Thus, it is advisable that you avoid using them. Instead, you should try to go for cleaners, which are created explicitly for granite.

Also, you should avoid using powder cleansers or cream cleansers of any sort. For the same reason, you should avoid cleaning mirrors over your countertop using a regular glass cleaner. That is because the over-spray could potentially spill onto the surface and damage it. By investing a little extra budget in granite countertops maintenance, you can avoid a host of longstanding issues.


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