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Granite Countertops Pros and Cons


For years, homeowners have had granite as their top choice to improve their home’s overall look. You’ll find this sought after item in every residential house or studio apartment, an office, or luxury hotel suites across the country. If you have kids or use your countertop for almost all the activities, it’s essential to make a sustainable and durable choice. Adding granite countertops will do just that and more. To make the right choice, you need to learn more about granite countertops pros and cons.

It will take your kitchen or bathroom remodel from basic to high-end, losing none of the original features and functions and giving you the remodel that you deserve.


Granite Countertop Pros


Hikes Value 

Like marble, granite countertops add an instant ultra-high-end appeal to your kitchen remodel. It adds on to the lasting value of your home, which makes granite a wise investment. It’s also a great add-on to bring a piece of outdoor, indoor. 

Granite countertops are a unique addition to your remodel as they are eco-friendly. Compliment your countertops with contrasting cabinets and features to add to your home value. Though it may not add monetary value, granite counters will add appeal to prospective buyers in the future. 


Sustainable for Decades

Granite takes thousands of years to form, and it keeps its natural form, which can then be enhanced. Imagine buying a beautiful diamond, a plain rock vs. one that has been transformed and polished to look elegant and timeless while enhancing its original pattern. The same goes for granite countertops. 

They are readily available and can be custom-made according to preferences. Granite also lasts a lifetime with proper care and maintenance and does not emit harmful radiation. This quality makes granite a sustainable choice than other natural stones. 


Durable and Sturdy 

When compared to quartz and marble, granite can prove to be the most durable of the lot. Granite is resistant to high heat, and it’s not susceptible to spills and scratches. It is super sturdy and will last you a decade with proper care and maintenance. 

One of the essential things to note is granite countertops won’t melt or blister when exposed to heat. You can easily place a hot pot straight from the stove on the countertop without worrying about causing any damage. Experts recommend using granite for families with kids and elderly, as it is scratch-resistant and won’t stain easily. To extend your countertop’s life, you should get the stone sealed professionally for long-lasting results. 


Upscale Look

Granite is a visibly granular, igneous rock available in white through the spectrum of pink, gold, blue and green, grey, and black. They are the hardest architectural stone, making them ideal for countertops and high-traffic areas. 

Unlike quartz, every granite slab is different and formed naturally with its lines, colors and unique patterns. This way, a granite countertop will elevate your remodel and provide exclusivity and uniqueness. The granite you choose won’t exist anywhere else but in your own home. 

The price is definitely something to consider, but each supplier and fabricator highly determine the quote. While looking at inspiration, it’s best to look for darker shades that will blend well with your floorings, fixtures and cabinets. 


Granite Countertop Cons



Between different granite countertops pros and cons, it is probably the fact that granite can get expensive stands out the most for homeowners. It is certainly not the most cost-effective solution for countertops if you’re on a tight budget. The thicker and more unique your slab is, the higher you must pay for it. Though granite is a durable option for countertops, it can be replaced by cheaper options like corian, quartz, wood, laminate, etc. 

One way to mitigate the overall cost is to choose granite tiles over slabs. This may seem like an innovative, budget-friendly pick, but the downside is more visible grout lines. Granite needs to be continuously sealed to last longer, which can get expensive in the near future. 

Also, don’t forget the cost of professional installation and customization. Most people don’t take these factors into consideration while choosing the countertop material. It’s best to ask your contractor about their installation charges before the remodeling begins.


Prone to Cracks

Granite is a very durable and sturdy material. Well, that’s what we’ve heard. But with every advantage comes some challenges. Granite countertops still possess a risk of chipping, especially the corners. For example, a heavy object dropped from a certain height can easily chip or crack the surface. But it doesn’t happen too often. 

With specially formulated cleaners and sealers, the good news is you can retain its beauty for decades. If you end up buying granite countertops, make sure you know how to maintain them. It’s recommended that you re-seal your granite countertops every year to ensure longevity.


Colour Me (Not) 

As granite is a natural stone, it is limited to mother nature’s colors and patterns. You will find both light and darker shades of granite. There are only about 20 shades of solid patterns and bright colors of granite for you to choose from. 

With not enough color options available, granite won’t be a wise choice for someone who’s looking for a vibrant countertop. In that case, laminate, quartz, or solid surfaces will offer a broader range of color options. 

Similarly, make sure to view the exact granite slab and not just a tiny sample fabricated for your kitchen countertop. As most of the granites have huge flowing veins, it may be challenging to accurately represent the slab as a whole with just a small sample. By understanding these granite countertops pros and cons, you can make the right decision for your remodel.


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