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Granite Countertops Washington DC

The kitchen is the most important part of the house, as you know. The way the kitchens are being designed has completely had a makeover these days. They are not only stylish and tasteful but also ergonomic and durable. Granite is one of the top choices of today – not only in kitchens but in bathrooms as well.

Types of Granite:

Granite is available in 2 varieties which are: Black granite (dark colored slabs) or White granite (whitish colored slabs). Based on customizing options, these slabs are mixed with subtle colors to get the desired effect. These granite slabs can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is the most common type of stone used for counter tops in USA.

Advantages of Granite:

Some of the most common reasons why granite is used in kitchen and bathroom counter tops in homes are:

Aesthetic value: While designing your kitchen, elements of granite will give a classy effect and add aesthetic value to your kitchen. It brings the outdoors in, in the places you want. It can act as a shade or contrast based on the colors that you use in your kitchen.

Durability: Granite is strong and durable. It can resist pressure, weight and heat. It lasts long. It does not crack easily or chip off in the corners and edges. It is good for use on the long run.

Resistance: Granite is highly resistant to microbes and dirt because of the fact that polished granite does not have a porous surface. Due to its highly smooth and polished surface, it also does not get stained easily. Counter cleaning solutions and detergents will do the job when there are spills or sticky substances.

Easy maintenance: All that one needs to do to maintain the look of the counter top is to use cleaning solution to wife off the surface dust and dirt. If the sheen of the granite is lost, then just polishing the surface will bring back the smoothness and shine.


The only disadvantage of granite counter tops are that it could be a little more expensive than other surfaces due to its high quality. Since it is a once time investment, one can easily opt for a granite counter top than when compared to other surfaces.

Granite Countertops Washington DC are easily available in the USA. It is also one of the most popular choices as well. Most designers would recommend a granite counter top to use in usually kitchens and bathrooms. In the kitchen area, smooth granite is preferred while in a bathroom, unpolished or rough granite is preferred to prevent slipping.

If you are considering surfaces for counter tops, one of the best options would be a granite countertop.

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