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Granite Kitchen Countertops: Pros and Cons to Consider

You need to consider a lot of factors before you select a countertop surface for your kitchen. Granite has been one of the top choices for homeowners seeking improvement in their kitchen’s appearance and ambiance. No wonder people consider granite kitchen countertops to be the epitome of luxury. 

In fact, for a long time, they were only found in upscale houses and mansions. But now, seemingly everyone wants and has a granite countertop.

Today, granite kitchen countertops are widely seen in many homes across America. They are well known for their charm and strength. That said, you will want to be sure whether granite is the right choice for your needs or not. This guide lists both the pros and cons of granite kitchen countertops for you to consider.


Granite Kitchen Countertops – Pros

Granite Pros

It Possesses Significant Value

Granite is a truly classy stone and adds significant value to your home. Thus, it is a great asset to have in each and every kitchen. Properly installed and maintained granite can actually last for a lifetime in your home. 

If you ever decide to sell your house, then granite kitchen countertops will definitely enhance the same resale value. Potential buyers will undoubtedly be more interested in a deal after taking a look at them.

And, of course, the importance of the kitchen for a family has been known since times immemorial. Granite kitchen countertops will add another dimension of charm to your kitchen with their unique aura of beauty and appeal. 

They will directly also influence how much time you spend there and how you feel about it.


Granite is Admirably Durable and Sturdy

Granite is a hard stone that can withstand a lot of mechanical force and stress. It is highly resistant to scratches, particularly when you have it sealed well. 

By virtue of this durability, it is also significantly resistant to heat. Thus, it is an ideal surface to put those hot utensils, dishes, and pans upon. Provided you have maintained it well and resealed it every year.

It is not hard to see the kind of injurious force and stains that a kitchen needs to withstand in due time. Granite kitchen countertops can bear this trauma remarkably well. That property of theirs will bestow longevity to your kitchen.


Granite Kitchen Countertops are Beautiful to Look At

From years immemorial, granite has been one of the most in-demand materials for kitchen countertops. Its strength apart, another of its most attractive characteristics is its undisputable beauty.

In contemporary times, granite has become a much more cost-effective material. By investing in granite kitchen countertops, you can give your kitchen a truly regal and photogenic effect. And the good news is that you do not even need to have a big budget for that purpose.

Each and every granite slab is different from others of its kind. They possess distinct patterns, lines, and attractive colors for you to choose from. That means that your granite kitchen countertop is going to be one of a kind, different from those in your friends’ houses.

Remember, though, that you must seal granite kitchen countertops properly. Doing so will ensure that it retains its beauty in due course of time.


Granite Kitchen Countertops – Cons

Granite Kitchen Countertops Cons

They Are Not Easy to Maintain

As the old saying goes, good looks do not last forever. Unfortunately, the same goes for granite kitchen countertops as well. If you want to make your granite’s looks last longer, you need to put in some effort for the same. 

First of all, it is essential to remember that granite is a porous substance. Thus, it readily absorbs liquids like juices, wines, oils, and other fluids that cause stains.

Usually, light-colored granite slabs tend to be less dense than dark-colored slabs. As a result, they are much more vulnerable to staining and discoloration. You can prevent this by reapplying sealant over light-colored countertops after every few months.

 In the case of dark-colored countertops, you can do this about once every year. Of course, this period depends significantly on how you seal the granite in the first place and treated before installation. 

You should also consult a kitchen expert for the best recommendations in this regard.


They Can Be Potentially Vulnerable

Although granite kitchen countertops are quite sturdy, they can also suffer from cracks and breakage under certain conditions. 

For example, some granite specimens contain deep fissures that are natural in origin. These resemble cracks but do not separate the two sides of the slab.

However, they are also weak areas that can result in a split in certain situations. Similarly, any heavy object dropped upon the corner overhang can cause significant damage to the slab. 

Thus, it is highly recommended that you keep these potentially dangerous spots in your mind. You should ideally try to hire an experienced granite repair specialist to examine and rectify any such issue.


They Can Be Relatively Expensive

Compared to older times, the contemporary prices of granite kitchen countertops have significantly gone down. Once considered a status symbol affordable only by the elite section of the society, they are much more commonly found in homes today.

 However, their prices still tend to be higher than those of marble, laminate, and even Corian solid surfaces.

The truth is that the market costs of granite can vary significantly. Generally, though, thicker slabs tend to be more expensive than thinner ones. 

If you do choose to go for a granite kitchen countertop, then you should be prepared to invest a significant portion of your remodeling budget in the same.

You should also be vigilant while comparing costs between different companies selling granite. 

For instance, there are some more affordable choices that begin at about $35-$55 per square foot. In the end, your final decision needs to be based on quality material, fabrication, and installation.


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