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Ice Brown Granite

It’s as if someone took an ink-blot painting and turned it into a stone! With mesmerizing abstract patterns across an icy white surface, this Brazilian beauty is a delight in modern homes. Not only does Ice Brown resemble modern art, its incredibly soulful topaz and taupe pastels add such posh touch to homes that visitors won’t be able to stop themselves from complimenting it. Sometimes a burnt orange or brown seam may be present which adds a very rustic touch to it. The heavy crystallization of minerals and movement in pattern adds a ‘flow’ to the house. Flow, a great sign in Feng Shui, symbolizes change and growth and is often a good omen for homeowners’ lives.

Because the patterns are highly unique to each slab, fabricators must choose the ones that they love the best. Its uniqueness can be enhanced even further by choosing different edges and finishes. Available in classic polished finish and more novel finishes like sandblasted, it offers a lot of space for modification to suit the needs of your house.

Also known as Ice Beige Granite and Antique Ice Granite, it is available in 2 width options: 2 cms and 3 cms. Just like most Granites, Ice Brown Granite is a perfect mix of elegance and durability. Combine its strength and ease of maintenance, and you have a purchase that will be a permanent presence in your house. Moms love it for how little time is utilized in cleaning it, and because it is long-lasting and easy on the pocket, dads have a soft corner for it too.

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