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Ivory White Granite

Its ethereal white bedrock is often dotted elegantly with a delicate pattern of black dots and lines. They run from bottom to up or up to bottom and can be wavy. Unlike other granites, mineral hues are often very concentrated and marked across the base. A look from a distance may remind people of the moon as it has dark patches on white base just like the lunar beauty. It also gives an impression of charcoal paintings and different shadows that the flowing black casts on the white canvas.

Don’t mistake its loveliness for lack of solid inner strength, though. Testing has shown that it offers fantastic resistance to water as it has water absorption of only 0.27%. It basically means that it resists water like oil does. It also has a very high density that speaks of its strength. Multiple verifiable tests have shown that it has a density of somewhere between 2611 kgs-2615 kgs per cubic meter. They are a proof of it being a champion in durability and strength.

Due to its low porosity and extremely high density, this is often regarded as a mainstay for homes. Depending on the piece, the thickness varies from 15 to 20 mm, offering elegant yet robust finish. It is also great for resistance against acids and chemicals and is easy to maintain due to low depreciation. Because of its base color, it goes with all types of furniture and wall accents. It’s very frequently found in indoor tiling, kitchens, floors, staircase, pool capping and many more design projects. Due to its variegated uses, superior strength and color-neutral properties, it is a great pick for all remodeling projects.

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