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Kitchen Countertops Alexandria VA

Usa Marble and Granite is one of the best Alexandria kitchen countertop companies.  Not all granite is created equal.  Our stone is inspected by our reputable suppliers for pits, fissures, and defects long before it makes it to our suppliers’ show rooms, or our shop.  Our clients also get to view and approve the entire slab for themselves before purchase.  Additionally,  they have the  opportunity to participate in the counter top layout decisions.  This ensures that their favorite parts of the stone can be placed at the most visible locations possible, and the parts they like least can be avoided.

Countertop Overview

Granite and other natural stone products are typically considered premium, or “high end” products. One of the biggest benefits of using a natural stone is its unique and beautiful appearance. Granite is highly scratch resistant, and is typically resistant to etching caused by acidic substances. However, other natural stone surfaces like polished Marble are not etch resistant. Hot pots and pans can also be placed on granite without fear of burning the surface.

When you install new kitchen countertops in your home, you create spaces that make cooking and cleaning simpler, more inspiring and more inviting. Updating or remodeling your kitchen is a simple way to create a lasting impact on the comfort, usability and value of your home. Choosing to replace your countertops with and granite or laminate can provide a fresh, updated look to your kitchen at an affordable cost.

No matter what your design style is, we have a countertop that will fit you and your kitchen. Choose from granite, quartz, solid surface, or premium laminate countertop surfaces to update the look and feel of your kitchen. One of the many benefits of countertop replacement is increasing the value of your home while also improving its aesthetic appeal with the help of our high-quality countertop materials. Sears Home Services has the home improvement experience you’re looking for to provide an exceptional countertop installation service, from start to finish.

Showroom + Fabrication

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