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Kitchen countertops in Northern Virginia

If you are looking for a steady high quality supplier of kitchen countertops, be that for household or commercial use, your best bet is with USA Marble and Granite! But before we show you the huge variety offered at our store, we would like to first share some insight as to what to look for when shopping for kitchen countertops.

Look at your way of life

This does not need to be a Zen koan, simply, if you have a crowded house with a number of children making peanut butter sandwiches on your counter, picking a light color will probably be a bad idea. So first, set your mind on a color, shape and pattern of your countertop. Then, decide whether you would like a natural stone or an engineered one. Each having their pros and cons. Natural stones like limestone, marble and soapstone, are softer compared to granite and need delicate use and care, whilst engineered stone countertops come in greater variety of colors are more durable and are a easy to maintain. Apart from the color and consistency, you should look at the size and shape of your countertop. Go beyond the common square edges, by adding radius, bullnose, bevel, egg and ogee shapes.

Now that we have your lifestyle figured out, we can move on and pick on the materials:


Granite is a beautiful stone with each piece having its own nature printed lines, making each counter top unique and one of a kind. As a material, it is sturdy and stands well against wear and tear of regular kitchen work. Its downside is also its strength, granite is a very heavy stone, thus making it difficult to break down, however, raising the cost of the drawers that support the weight. For more of our selection please follow our site here.


Marble is a marvelous stone, standing out and taking ones attention as soon as you enter the house. Being visually appealing has come at a price, marble stone is a lot softer than the nearly indestructible granite, and so it can scratch in a ways that granite won’t. Marble countertops however have the timeless brightness that other stones do not have, furthermore, marble does not conduct heat well, thus it stands naturally cool, making it ideal for summer houses. Marble is a great cost efficient kitchen counter top, it is the least expensive natural stone. If you would like to look at our selection of marble stones and designs offered, please follow our site here.

Whatever your choice, we are confident that our products are of utmost quality and that our designers will help you pick the right fit. If you would like to explore some of our projects for inspiration, step right up to our projects page.

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