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Lucky White Granite

This particular Brazilian stone is very unique in the way it imbues colors. It has white or grey bedrock that has blotches of darker shades of grey, brown and white in such a way that it is often hard to make out the base from the secondary colors. Think using ink and a straw to blow colors onto a canvas: that is exactly how the patterns of this particular rock look. It is as if nature blew beautiful distinct and variegated patterns on it with those colors. Sometimes the slabs also have very intricate veining systems as in human body imbued on the base. The lines look striking against the lighter version of the same hue.

As gentrification in modern homes requires a lot of different types of textures to meet current market trends, this granite can be textured to meet those needs. Besides its beautiful muted tones, finishes like sandblasted, honed or water-jet can be applied to neutralize its naturally shiny base to make it more aesthetically suited for contemporary homes. The result is often majestic and picturesque due to the sheer elegance that this piece brings to décor.

Although an equally popular choice for interiors like kitchen worktops, flooring, fireplace surround etc, this particular piece should be put in the hall of fame for its use for exteriors due to its extremely abrasion-resistant body. It is very sturdy and has earthy colors that add that add a picturesque quality to patio.  Also, it is resistant to frost and is ideal for even the lowest of temperatures and like most granites, offers excellent undisputed strength and durability. If you are looking for a winner for exterior remodeling, look no further.

If used for indoor remodeling, its stain and heat resistance offers manageability that is required for modern homes. Who wants to spend hours cleaning, right? It is great for kitchens as acids do not affect it at all.  It has unbeatable structural performance on Honeycomb and is available in slabs and tile forms. Want something strong, aesthetic and everlasting?  The answer is here! Just like its name suggests, your house would be lucky to have a companion that is so reliable yet strikingly gorgeous.

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