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Marble and granite countertops

Marble and granite may seem almost the same however there are a few differences. Both are a natural stone and do need a high amount of care. Marble and granite countertops last for a long time and bring a modern sleek look to any kitchen. You are not limited there you can always add marble and granite countertops to your laundry bathroom and even the office.

All about granite and marble

Both granite and marble are porous. Marble is a metamorphic rock from crystallized carbon. It is created from limestone and has been put into intense pressure and heat due to the earth’s crust shifting. Granite is more an igneous rock that is made up of grains of quartz, mica and a few other similar items.
Granite is harder than marble, but both offer great durability. You can check with the dealer as to what would suit your project better between the two this can help you make a decision.

Both offer a great design option with granite showing different grains that can appear as specks. Be mindful the colors can differ slightly with the different specks.
If your looking for a more patterned designed then marble is your go to. It tends to be a consistent color witha different colored vein running through it.
Again colors can differ most popular is the grey with the dark veins running through it and a dark grey with lighter veins running through it.

Marble and granite countertops are best matched in with your cupboards and with so many designs and colors there is surely something to suits your taste.


Granite is well suited for busy homes with children it is more resistant to chips and small scratches.
granite and marble are heat resistant, but care should be taken when using hot pans and sitting hair straighteners on the bathroom bench.

Marble and granite countertops need maintenance this requires properly sealing them once every two years. Given they are both porous this means that if you don’t use seal it can stain, and liquids can soak in. Once the seal starts wearing off be careful to keep things like oil and acidic items off the counter or clean up immediately.

If your decision is based on the cost granite is priced a little lower than the marble. You also need to consider how complex the whole job is. Corners and seams plus the sink are all taken into account as to how much work and detail is involved in making up and putting the countertops in. You can get the professionals out to give you a rough estimate on the costs it will entail before you make any decisions.

Once you make a decision get the countertops installed and care for them as you should you will have the best hardwearing, long lasting benchtops.
If maintenance is carried to your benchtops will look as good as they did when they were installed into your beautiful home.

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