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Marble Counter Tops in McLean VA

There’s no wonder why marble has been growing so intensely in popularity in recent years. To say the least, it’s absolutely beautiful. If you’re thinking of investing in some marble counter tops in McLean VA, then look no further because you can find out exactly what marble is, as well as the pros and cons to buying marble counter tops.

Marble is a form of limestone. Most often, it’s white; however, marble typically has streaks of colour that run through it. This gives it a very modern look. It’s softer than granite, which also makes it easier to mold.

The Advantages

It’s soft. This one goes as both a pro and a con. On the plus side, marble is much softer than granite, which means your cutting equipment won’t become damaged when you cut on the marble surface.

The aesthetics. Marble counter tops are some of the most beautiful creations you’ll ever see. They’re used in bathrooms, kitchens, and even living rooms; however, they look especially beautiful when they’re sitting in a kitchen. If you combine a marble counter top with stainless steel electronics and darkened hardwood, then your kitchen will surely be hard to beat.

While marble counter tops are most often white, you can also choose to get rose, yellow, gray, green, or black.

Heat resistant. Marble is especially good at absorbing heat. Because of this, you can easily place cooked dishes or hot pots and pans on your marble counter top without having to worry about causing a stain or a mark.

The Disadvantages

It’s absorbent. This is one of the major concerns about marble. While granite resists stains, marble absorbs them. This means that any liquid you spill on it will likely leave a stain because it becomes absorbs very, very quickly. Not only this, but the stain becomes nearly impossible to take out once it’s been absorbed.

Luckily, you can buy a sealer that will prevent this from happening in general; however, you should also expect to have to reseal it relatively often so that you wont end up destroying your counters as time moves on.

You’ll have to reseal your marble counter top every few years and even at that, it’s essential that it is done properly.

It’s not durable. Like we said before, marble counter tops are very soft. Because of this, you’re likely to scuff and mark it with your knives if you’re cooking. Not only this, but if you bang a pot or pan on a corner too hard, then you’re more likely to scuff or break it.


A lot of people are hesitant about installing marble counter tops in their kitchens. While we only listed two disadvantages, these are pretty big ones to consider. Still, if the heat resistant and beautiful material feels right for you, then you should consider contacting a local distributor to buy your marble counter tops in McLean VA.

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