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Marble Countertop Costs and Installation Requirements Explained

Although kitchen and bathroom remodels are costly affairs by themselves, many homeowners choose not to settle with cheaper materials. Thus, many people want to know about the marble countertop costs in the current market.

Possessing admirable durability and slab-to-slab uniqueness, marble is one of the most sought-after materials for countertops. Because of their long-term value with regular maintenance, investment in marble countertops is generally recommendable.

It is essential to know that the marble countertop cost depends a lot on the type of marble chosen. Specific rarer slabs are priced higher.

More unique patterns, colors, veining, and textures amount to higher costs as well. There is also a wide range of moderately priced marbles available for homeowners with tighter budgets. This guide will help you get an accurate idea of the market’s marble countertop costs.

Marble Prices per Square Foot

Marble Countertops In A Kitchen
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Marble is not the cheapest natural stone available in the market today. However, apart from granite, it is one of the more economical options you can go for. The marble countertop costs in today’s market generally range from $40 to $100 per square foot, with an average of $60 per square foot.

Factors influencing installation and material costs include the size, grade, amount, and type of marble used. Other costs, such as transportation charges, may have to be considered as well.

Carrara Marble Prices

Priced at $40 per square foot, Carrara features a reasonably low marble countertop cost. It is the most common and widely available type of marble, which makes it very affordable.

Carrara Marble is available in bluish-gray or white shades, veined with tinges of gold and silver. Being porous, you need to seal it before you install marble countertops in kitchens or bathrooms.

Calacatta Marble Prices

Calacatta marble is, by far, the most expensive variety of marble available in the contemporary market. At $180 per square foot, it comes with a remarkably high marble countertop cost. 

They possess dark gray veins contrasting with a charming white base. However, being moderately porous, Calacatta marble needs chemical treatment before use in bathrooms or kitchen countertop.

Statuario Marble Prices

If you are seeking a balanced marble countertop cost, you can consider Statuario marble. Also, their average price in the market is around $50 per square foot.

Statuario is among the most beautiful marble varieties available in the market, with beautiful silver and gold veining. Similarly, you need to seal it before it is ready for domestic use.

Danby Marble Prices

Danby marble is native to Vermont, USA. On average, it costs around $80 per square foot. With its beautiful golden and silver veining, it closely resembles Italian marbles in looks.

However, it is much denser and sturdier, and less porous. Still, it does require appropriate chemical treatment to be sealed from water.

Makrana Marble Prices

Makrana is a well-known variety of marble native to India. On average, it costs about $12 per square foot. It is usually milky white with detailed brown or gray veining. You can find Makrana in historically significant sculptures and lining walls of museums. Interestingly, famous mausoleums like the Taj Mahal also feature this variety of marble.

Makrana is well known for its pristine quality. As a result, you do not need to get it chemically treated to reinforce its finish. It is not as porous as its contemporaries and is thus better suited for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Portoro Genuine Extra Marble Prices

It would not be inapt to call Portoro Genuine Extra marble the renegade of Italian marble. It is one of the rarest varieties of Italian marble and is easily recognized by its characteristic black color with white and gold veins. Owing to its rarity, its market price tends to vary. However, it is almost always close to the high end of premium marble prices.

You can expect its cost to average around $300 per square foot perpetually. If you are willing to invest that price, you can consider going for this royal variety of marble. It will take the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom to a whole different level.

Travertine Marble Prices

Travertine is a regal black variety of marble that is native to Spain. On average, it costs about $75 per square foot. It is produced when limestone is subjected to extreme pressure. 

Travertine marble is a good option for use in bathrooms and kitchens. As it is porous, you must treat it chemically to make sure it is resistant to scratching and water.

Pink Marble Prices

Native to Turkey, beautiful rose-hued pink marble costs around $25 per square foot. It features a characteristic pink base color and deep red veining. Some variants come with brown or golden tones as well. 

Although being relatively more porous than black marble, You can use pink marble in kitchens and bathrooms. Keep in mind that pink marble is rarer, and you might need to order them specially.

Cultured Marble Prices

Cultured marble is a synthetic stone substitute that experts prepared by molding stones with resins and pigments. Its costs are generally lower than natural stone. 

On average, they tally up to around $65 per square foot. Cultured marble, being non-porous, is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

The Cost of Installing Marble Countertops

Marble Installation Costs
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Installation charges amount to a large chunk of the marble countertop costs. For example, considering a kitchen with 50 square feet of counter space, the installation charges for marble countertops can lie between $1,050 and $9,650. On average, you can expect to face a bill of about $3,000.

The installation process takes an average of around ten hours. Labor costs range from approximately $35 to $45 per hour and usually tally up to about $350 to $450. Apart from this, your contractor might require additional supplies worth around $100 to $200. Marble countertop has pros and cons, especially when it comes to installation as it is delicate countertop material.

When installing a slab countertop, you should consider hiring professional assistance. Depending on its thickness and density, the average marble slab weighs around 310 to 480 kilograms. 

Remember, improper handling can result in chipping, fractures, and other kinds of mechanical damage. Likewise, you can avoid damage costs and personal injuries by going for expert help beforehand.


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