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Marble Countertops in Chantilly

Marble is one beautiful material. It looks and feels elegant from afar and from close up. It’s also one of the most sought out material for countertops of both kitchens and bathrooms. Those who are doing their countertops from scratch or those who are getting them redone are always on the lookout for good marble countertops.

It is not wonder that everyone is so obsessed with marble. Besides it’s beautiful design because of the high heat process with which it is molded, and the amazingly spectacular white color that it has, it’s also extremely durable. You can put high heat materials on it, like a pan straight out the oven and it won’t leave a dent. Marble is made from high heat so that doesn’t impact it at all.

Another reason why people love this material is its price. It’s relatively easy to make so you can make your countertops look exquisite without leaving a huge dent in your bank account. Marble countertops are a sight that is always complimented and you can smile on the inside knowing it didn’t leave you on the brink of bankruptcy. The only thing you should be careful about with marble is the way you treat it. Despite its heat resistance, it is still quite delicate. Prepare to use cutting boards if you’re not used to one because marble can get scratches quite easy. But being careful pays off as you can have your marble countertops for years before they need to be redone again.

We talked to people who have recently done their countertops with, guess what, marble. We wanted to know, what if you’re in Chantilly? And what if you want to get marble countertops? What are their tips? One mum from Chantilly, Sarah who is 45 and has done her countertops twice already, said that one thing people often underestimate is where they get their marble countertops from.

“It’s extremely important to be careful about where you buy it from and who installs it. Sometimes you get really good marble, but then contractors come along to put it in, and they mess it all up. So I’d say to people, get a company that does both things great. If you have to pay a little extra, trust me it’s worth it.”

So here you go folks, get yourself a good marble countertop company. But where do you go, you might ask. We covered that too. Amongst so many companies that we visited, we found U.S Marble and Granite and we were thoroughly pleased. All their customers loved the work and no one had a bad word to say about them.

They offer so many selections of marble with hundreds of colors, from your most basic ones to the most exotic. And they help out! They’ll talk to you and try to understand what exactly you’re looking for, and they’ll even install the whole thing. At a good price too! So go ahead, and get your marble countertops in Chantilly.

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