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Marble Flooring Patterns for your Home

Marble Flooring – How to Pick the Right Marble Tile Pattern for your Home

How many times have you heard the statement ‘It is important to have a strong foundation’? This gets used at all possible places-from politicians talking about nation building to architects designing the biggest buildings, nothing works without a strong foundation.

Whether you are building your dream home or simply renovating your home, a beautiful and strong floor will be a main attraction. If you are reading this article, chances are you have already picked marble as your choice of material for flooring. And congratulations, because you have chosen well. Marble is a strong, durable, and eternally gracious choice when it comes to flooring. There is a reason why you find marble in homes across various price lines: whether you have a simple house or a palatial bungalow, marble can make both the homes look beautiful.

What patterns should you choose and how do you go about the process? That is why we are here to help you. Here are some of the patterns and designs you can use to beautify your home.

Straight Patterns:

Simple, clean, to the point and time-tested because when things are simple, it just works. Always. A straight and simple design is chic and timeless. The simplicity of the design will give you endless possibilities and years of use without becoming outdated.

Diagonal Patterns:

Similar to the straight pattern, this diagonal brick style requires marble tiles set in a 45-degree angle. Apart from playing on an existing design classic, diagonal floor tiles create an illusion of a bigger space. If you have limited space, or if there are too many pieces of furniture in the room, these designs create the look of extra space without the extra square-footage.

Subway Style Patterns:

Also known as a brick pattern, this pretty design uses the tiles laid out in a rectangular pattern, offset by about half the width of a tile. Not only is this design a classic, but it is also perfect for a dated look to the area you are designing.

Stretcher Patterns:

This pattern is achieved by combining a brick-like configuration with rectangular tiles that perfectly line up in the middle of the tiles directly on top and bottom. Consider dark and bold colors for this pattern to add more character to the design while creating a ‘look at me’ factor!

Plank Patterns:

If you want to use marble but retain a wood-like design, this is the right choice for you. As the name suggests, the tiles are laid out in different lengths and widths of material and often placed in a random order for a natural look. For example, combining the colors of, say, hardwood oak, which has soft white and gray tones.

Checkerboard Patterns:

This is an extremely popular choice. This designed can be achieved through two square marbles of different colors (mostly black and white) which can be set either in a straight or a diagonal direction.

Mosaic Patterns:

Mosaic patterns come in lots of different designs and true to its name, it can basically be a combination of any and every color your heart desires. But remember, when picking colors pick the ones which will last the test of time and taste. Go for muted colors which emanate tranquility and softness.

Basketweave Patterns:

For a basketweave design, you need one square tile with four rectangular tiles arranged around it. Also known as windmill patterns, it can be built with squares and rectangles to create a woven effect. For warmth and coziness, go for varying shades of brown, while white and gray exude a lot of warmth. This is often a good choice for bathrooms as it adds the much-needed color and design element in often plain-looking toilets.

Classic French Patterns:

Timeless and elegant, the design is rooted in French aristocracy. It two black and white square tiles set diagonally. This is not to be confused with the checkerboard design, which has larger tiles. In the French design, large white tiles are connected at regular intervals with darker accent tiles. This design is especially lovely for mid-sized places.

Custom Patterns:

The thing with preexisting design patterns is, well, they are pre-existing. If you truly want something unique, you will have to go the custom route. Be creative! Custom designs ensure a personal touch that will always be unique to you and your house. You can reach out to our design teams for help on custom patterns for your home. A combination of different shades, colors, cuts of marbles can often update a home and create something very special.

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