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Maryland Festival to Push Limits of Imagination, Art 

Go on, say the magic words to see them materialize. And not in an imagined fantasy world nowhere but in the FantasyWood as close as in Maryland.

Come this Memorial Day weekend, between May 25 and 27, the Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods in Columbia will host an unforgettable experience among mermaids, unicorns, monsters, fairies and dueling knights on their beasts.

With 40 specialty vendors, themed areas and an army of entertainers as well as kid-friendly activities, the three-day FantasyWood Festival promises “a surprise in each corner” during an enjoyable stroll at the bosom of Mother Nature just north of the nation’s capital. And regardless of the weather on those days, it pledges to be out there as a “rain or shine event.”

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Also a masquerade 

Visitors are invited to come wearing a costume of their choice, or rather fantasy, on the sole condition that they don’t carry a weapon as part of their colorful outfits no matter how bizarre they might otherwise look like.

Pets are unfortunately will not be allowed since the organizers say they make up the very preys their ogres will be craving. So better leave them at home to return to their cute sights after you have your share of magic on the day.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages, though, are perfectly fine to be brought into the festival area.  Alcohol will, too, be available inside, but for purchase from vendors that will also offer food and other refreshments. Nevertheless, you may still consider being compensated for whatever you will have to spend on booze with free parking to be available.

Mermaids promise a rare experience

Some of the performance vendors include Terraping Adventures of challenging climbing courses for children and ManneqART of walking sculptures for both them and their parents to enjoy. The construction of all the attractions started last month and is still going on.

The festival is a partnership between ManneqArt, clothing designer Lee Andersen’s annual wearable art contest; Circus Siren Pod, a thrilling water performance group; and Inner Arbor Trust, which manages Merriweather Park.

For Circus Siren Pod Founder Morgana Alba, who herself is an international mermaid performer, the festival will be nothing like Maryland has ever seen.

“It is unlike any other Maryland-based festival because it is running this hybrid between Renaissance-style fair performers and fantasy festival fair performers and high-end corporate level performers,” she told the Baltimore Sun for an April 10 report.

Besides, the festival will be a challenge to visitors’ budgets no more than a regular night at the movies. A single day pass costs from $5 to $15 depending on the day of the visit and the age of the visitor and a whole weekend privilege can be bought for $15 to $20. Organizers expect 6,000 to 10,000 people to visit the festival over the three days it will remain open. Tickets are available here.

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