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Quartz countertops Fairfax

The quartz trend is slowly gaining popularity in the countertop family. The stone which is engineered by man is made up of 90% quartz and 10% resins.

They are numerous benefits of using the quartz countertops as compared to the natural stones. They are more durable and less prone to damage especially in the hard life of the kitchen.

There are many reasons why you should consider getting a quartz countertops or changing to one. The trend is increasing at a high speed and has no plans of slowing down. The recent surveys by boards or bath and kitchen supply associations has shown the quartz being among the top choices.

Quartz is a natural material found in the earth’s surface. It is formed via crystallization of magma. The stone is one of the hardest materials on earth. This makes it one of the best materials for a kitchen surface or bathroom countertop. The harsh chemicals used in the bathroom or the knives in a kitchen can cause a lot of damage to the countertops.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of quartz countertops.


The countertop is not porous.

This means that the countertop will not soak in the substances that get poured on it or spilled by mistake. The counter can easily be wiped and avoid all the trouble that comes with staining a countertop.

Low maintenance.

The countertop hardly needs any maintenance. It also does not need any special type of soap to clean. Warm water and mild soap will keep the countertop clean.


The durability of quartz is unmatchable. It is hard and long lasting. It does not wear off easily. It can be maintained for a long time and can be worked on without any issues of scratching or chipping off.

Color options.

Several companies now develop different types of colors for quartz countertops. The 10% of resins and bonders are responsible for the different colors available for quartz.

You can pick from a variety of dark colors and very light shades. The color and different shades will allow you to customize the room you plan to decorate to the finest details.

Natural look.

Quartz countertops is created to mimic the look of natural stone such as marble. The classic look can be seen on the man-made stone at a fraction of a cost of the natural stones. Marble is known to be very expensive.


One of the cons of quartz is that it is not heat resistant. The stone will not form any cracks but it is advisable to place some mats or towels on the counter to avoid unnecessary strain. This is not really a con as it can be avoided easily.

It is heavy.

One of the weaknesses of the quartz is not really a weakness. Quartz countertops can be very heavy. It will therefore be very tricky to install it. This is why we insist on having a very skilled company do your fabrication and installation.



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