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Quartz countertops in Fairfax

Quartz countertops in Fairfax
When you decide that a quartz countertop is what you will go for when remodeling or building your home then you have made the right choice. Not that the other stones you find on the market are less efficient when it comes to making of countertops but quartz is way up there in the list of good stone options. One thing you should however consider before buying a quartz countertop in Fairfax is the pros and cons. First off what exactly is Quartz? This is a natural stone or better yet a mineral. It is found mostly in sedimentary and metamorphous rocks. The mineral is white or colorless and we will see further in the article why this is an advantage.
Now let us take a closer look at the reasons why you should buy a quartz countertop in Fairfax.
• Cost.
It is well known that stone countertops can cost a fortune. Some variations of marble can even cost 3 times as much as quartz. The reason why quartz is cheaper than other stones is that it is partly manmade. The stone is 93% quartz and the rest is reinforced polymer.
• Strength of the countertop.
You do not have to worry about the counter giving way to the weight of items you place on it. You will be happy to know that the quartz is made with resin binder that will make it durable and reduce the chances of the stone cracking while you use it.
• Design.
Unlike other stones, quartz is easily manipulated it the exact design that you want. From the color to the texture the stone can be fabricated to very detailed specifics. The case is not the same when it comes to stones such as marble. Here the fabricators would have to chip away endlessly on a large block of stone to give you the desired look. This also limits your options when it comes to texture and color as the rock is completely natural.
• Easy to clean.
Most of the countertops made from stone are easy to clean. The quartz countertop comes with some of the best and easy to clean material. The stone remains relatively glossy even after years of use. Some soap and water can be used to clean up the counter. Quartz countertops are also scratch resistant.
• Unique colors.
As mentioned before the quartz stone is colorless or white in nature. This makes it so much easier to color the stone to a color of your choice. You can have a burgundy countertop or a yellow and green counter if you want to. The same cannot be said for stones such as granite which are not as flexible.
• Style is Contemporary.
If you have an old townhouse then it would be best to stick to more traditional choices since quartz is still relatively new. The décor and style may not fit with this type of stone. It leans more towards a contemporary setting.

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