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Quartz Countertops in McLean

When we decided to take a look at quartz countertops in McLean we did not expect to find an extensive list of options available in the town. We were however pleasantly surprised to find so many homeowners are now switching to quartz countertops. This is in part due to some companies supplying the area with all the right stones to make their countertops outstanding. The USA marble and granite company is one of the few that provide a vast array of options for anyone switching up their countertops in McLean.

Despite their name the company also deals with quartz and other types of stones. The granite and marble stones are often known to be more expensive and high end than other stones. They are exquisite and no artist can quite capture the art and design created by mother nature. For a while those were the only options available if you wanted a stone countertop. These were the only options for centuries until technology assisted us in making quartz. Quartz is a mineral that is found in metamorphous and sedentary rocks. It has a white color or can be found in a colorless state in some mining areas. The stone is 93% natural and is reinforced by resin binder which will make it stronger and less prone to damage.

You may be wondering if a manmade stone is really worth they buy. Well we have some advantages of quartz over the natural rock. This advantages are what make quartz unique and suitable for buying.

It is non-porous.

If you have ever owned marble countertops then you know you have to super careful to not pour anything on it that could end up leaving a stain. This is not the same for quartz as the stone can easily be cleaned without staining thanks to the polymer infused in the stone. The stone can also be sealed to prevent staining.

It is scratch resistant.

We all know to keep the knives away when it comes to granite. You do not want to accidentally leave a large scratch on the counter that would make it look horrible with no chance of repairing it. This means that you may have to buy chopping boards and keep the cat of the counter by all means. The quartz countertops in McLean are just like the rest in the world. Scratch resistant! It really eases the mind of a home owner when they do not have to worry about the state of their countertop.

Not corroded.

You can spill all the citrus juice on granite and it will not be eaten away. Since marble is a natural stone pouring any acidic substance on the stone will cause some damage. This is why quartz is generally a better option.

One downside with quartz is that it is not heat resistant. Since the stone is not 100% natural and was not formed by the heat pressure like marble it will dent. Placing a hot pot on the quartz countertops in McLean will cause them to dent.

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