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Quartz Countertops in Washington DC

Due to the many excellent qualities of quartz such as aesthetics, durability,and strength, it is fast growing in popularity.  People undertaking kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects will find many good choices in Washington DC.  Quartz countertops in Washington DC offer homeowners a good quality product at affordable prices.

Quartz is a long-lasting and durable product that is aesthetically pleasing.  It is an engineered stone product and allows for the product to be made in many different hues and finishes.  Granite has a wider range of hues than marble or granite.  The finished appearance of the product is a smooth, rich and luxurious finish.  A quartz countertop offers durability and will not chip or crack easily.

Quartz is a hard surface that is non-porous which means it is water, stain and heat resistant.  Liquids such as oil, wine, tomato, coffee,and juice will not stain or damage the surface.  Also, due to the non-porous nature of quarts, the surface will not harbor bacteria or any viruses.  It is a hard wearing and hygienic product.  You can always be sure that your quartz countertop is completely clean with a simple wipe.

There are hardly any downsides to using quartz as a countertop.  The only drawback to quartz is the cost.  As an engineered product, the price tag on quartz products is rather high compared to other countertop products.

The final quartz product has a very modern look.  Some will see that as a drawback especially homeowners who prefer a warmer and more traditional look to their homes.  Other homeowners might prefer the look and feel and natural stone offers.   When homeowners need to cover a large section of counter, the quartz product will sometimes leave visible seams however, some homeowners do not mind that.  Also, quartz is not heat resistant and you will need to exercise extra caution when working with hot pots and pans in the kitchen, or a curling iron in the bathroom.

The cost implication of using quartz is high.  It is not the cheapest option, however, there are several factors that contribute the overall cost of quartz.  As quartz is an engineered product you get different qualities and styles.  The higher the quality, the higher the price.  Also, the complexity of the job determines the final price.  For example, a wrap-around countertop that needs cutouts for faucets and sinks will take a lot longer to install than just a single piece of quartz with no seams.  Choose your installer carefully.  Be sure to shop around for quotes from various companies.  Some companies will charge a lot for a simple installation based purely on the fact that its quartz.

Homeowners in Washington DC looking for a product that offers a modern and upscale look with promises of low maintenance will be wise to invest in a quartz countertop.  The only maintenance required of quartz is an annual sealing.

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