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Quartz Countertops Washington DC

Updating your kitchen ? Perhaps building a house ? Now is the time to have a good think about what you want to do with your benchtops for the kitchen bathroom and office or playroom.

Natural stone has microscopic particle over the surface whereas with the Quartz countertops Washington DC have a crushedQuartz that fills out the gaps. This is a good thing it means stains wont seep into it like the natural stone will.For all the busy mums out there cleaning a Quartz countertop is as easy as gliding the sponge over the smooth surface.

Something else that catches our eye is the fact non-porous tops are very highly antibacterial which is good when hygiene is concerning around the food preparation area. Just a smooth surface without gaps and bumps for germs and bacteria to hold onto and grow. Quartz benchtops can easily pass for granite and still give the modern, clean and sleek look in your home. Quartz are naturally glossy and don’t require special polishing.You do need to take some care to ensure they stay in tip top condition. This will guarantee you get the best out of your benchtop.

Heat resistant

Unlike other synthetic countertops Quartz countertops Washington DC have heat resistant tops that can handle up to 204 degrees Celsius.The good thing about Quartz is even after contact with heat the Quartz will not warp or bend up.Laminated surfaces would pop and burn into a mess if they come into contact with heat. Quartz countertops have good durability than to those made from other materials. Funny enough if you were to cut something on a Quartz top you would notice your knife going blunt before the bench gets damaged. It may however get scratched in the most worse case scenario but even then, it won’t get damaged as much as other solid surfaces would.

Impact resilient

Quartz countertops Washington DC have a more stronger durability to cracking and chipping when hit with impact. This is because of the resin mixed in between.This act shall I say like a shock absorber dispensing energy from the impact area before it spreads to the brittle stone.

Looking after your Quartz benchtops

When cleaning your benchtops don’t clean them with alkaline cleaners or anything that is high in acidic.
Clean the counter with a mild detergent and then wipe over with a damp cloth.It is best not to use knives directly on the benchtop itself. Use a chopping board. While we say it is scratch resistant it is however not scratch proof it may become damaged by knife overtime.Also cutting strait onto the bench will only blunt your sharp knives. If you have tough stains like ink on your Quartz benchtop get a tissue or cloth and rub with rubbing alcohol once removed wipe over with detergent and rinse strait away.

Be sure to check out Quartz countertops Washington DC for the best designs and affordable prices.

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