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Santa Cecilia Light

Santa Cecilia Light is a magnificent version of the ever so versatile granite. Its name comes from an Atlantic island because its subtle hues resemble muted colors of the beach. This particular piece is subtly flamboyant with its ageless colors that blend together to form its base. Like a perfectly brewed concoction of cocktails, this stone looks just as intoxicating with its layers of pink, ochre and grey on a light yellow or cream form. The pastel-colored body and light coloration allow its eye-catching pattern of white dots and strips to dazzle whoever looks by adding just the right contrast that its backdrop needs. The background color complements its black striped pattern and Santa Cecilia Light resembles exotic cats of the jungle who regally wear the crown–the same way this one will be crowned as a mainstay in your modish kitchen.

Due to its high resistance to heat and scratches, this beauty does its own bidding. It has low porosity, so sealing is not required very often. It is also very immune to action of acidic food, so you can slice those lemons all you want! Its low maintenance and beauty are not its only boons, though. It is also reflective and allows the kitchen to be well-lit and adds a present-day appeal to a kitchen that has white, ivory, cream or brown accents.

For living room or house exteriors that require a vivid touch to complement the soft hues of the rest of the house, Santa Cecilia is a god-send. It goes great with both leather and wooden furniture in the living room and is a perfect companion to vintage-looking metal ornamental decorations.

This Brazilian beauty is a great addition to every home that’s going for a vogue look for either its exteriors or interiors. It steers us away from the very golden veins found in most stones & towards a more neutral slab that is less yellow, has more cream, dark brown, black, tan and white tones.


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