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Sienna Biege

Sienna Biege has rustic written all over it. It has onyx and obsidian freckles over a cappuccino colored bedrock that gives it the palette of a polished wood floor. The toffee-colored grainy speckles mottle effortlessly on the beige backdrop to produce a grounded, earthy feel.  Minerals work together to create a salt and pepper look. Rarely, an intertwining veining pattern may be present. The patterns are minimalistic and add a very natural look. The range of variation is medium and this means that most slabs do not have a lot of differences.  Homeowners can pick any slab without a headache as besides its homogeneity, earthy colors allow for a lot of versatility in terms of mix-and-match with other pieces of decor.

Available in width options of 2 or 3 cms, it comes with the promise of being a mainstay in your home as it is very safe and durable. Besides being Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified, it is also very resistant to bacteria and provides for additional prevention against illnesses. With its strength also comes its ease of maintenance as it doesn’t require periodic sealing and is very easy to clean up. Just a little granite cleaner can give you a smudge free countertop for all your cooking sessions. It is highly recommended for homes that do not want to go for commonplace black or white granite colors while still having the durability and elegance of granite.

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