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Silestone countertops in Arlington, VA

The industry of countertops installation is a very lucrative one and this is accredited to the fact that the houses are being built and all homes are being remodelled every day. One of the major dilemmas a home owner might face is choosing the right countertops as there is so many to choose from, that are equally beautiful and diverse in their own way. If a person eventually reaches to a conclusion as to the type of rock they want for their kitchen, the next hurdle would be the design as well as the colour they would like.

In recent times Silestone Countertops in Arlington, VA, has become a major commodity. However given Silestone fairly new presence in the surface industry, some might ask what is Silestone? Silestone originated from the combination of natural quartz and other raw materials. One main reason for Silestone increasing popularity is because of its hardness and its resilience, components which effectively makes it an ideal option when it comes to countertops.

Though the Silestone is often used interchangeably with Quartz, the fact is that Silestone is not Quartz but rather a stone that is created from the compression of the natural Quartz crystal that is combined with polyester, resin, colour agents, antimicrobial protection among other items.

The association between Arlington and Silestone is very common place among the citizens of Arlington. Today there is a wide assortment of companies that provide the installation of Silestone Countertops in Arlington. Silestone is often used on Countertops, but it is also used on floor and bathroom tiles, wall siding and backslashes.

The advantages of using Silestone Countertops over its alternatives are extensive. One advantage is that Silestone is non-porous, which essentially means that it can resist staining that might result from it coming in contact with external components such as coffee or wine.

The Arlington population stands at approximately 230,050 citizens and most of those citizens who have had a remodelling done recently; whether it was in their bathroom or kitchen, has taken the opportunity to use Silestone on their surface areas. Finding Silestone Countertops in Arlington, VA homes and commercial places is a common occurrence.

Silestone Countertops is recommended for both homes and commercial areas, as it is highly resistant to scratch; which is one of the main components that will assist in its extended life period, giving it the potential to look new for an extensive period of time. Due to its components, Silestone Countertops are environmentally friendly and completely free from any potentially harmful toxins and chemicals, making it the ideal selection for person concern about the environment and or their personal safety.

One major fear that most home owners might have is accidentally damaging their kitchen countertop when a heavy object such as a pot falls on it. With Silestone, there is no need for that fear, as all Silestone Countertops have high impact resistance. If there is a case where your Silestone Countertop incurs damages, which is highly unlikely, each supplier offers a warranty with the installation which may vary according to the specific company; however, the shortest period of warranty is usually 25 years.


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