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Silver Pearl

This stone does justice to its name as it adorns its black body with trinkets of silver splashed in a regular fashion. Unlike most natural stones, this tends to have less irregularities and a fairly consistent pattern. This saves homeowners the trouble of picking the right slab as almost all have the same striking pattern. Gossamer silver looks ethereal on the black surface as it balances the seriousness of black. This contrast looks exquisite in any kitchen it is placed in. Having a black bedrock ensures that the fabricators have a lot of options to play around with when choosing other attractions in the room. Its black body complements every piece of furniture without being too loud. Think charm minus the cockiness! Now, who wouldn’t want that, right?

With a density of 2800 kgs per cubic meter, this stone comes with a virtual stamp of strength and durability. In testing results, 0 flame spread on its surface and hence it is also very resistant to heat. It is a leading choice for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, wall cladding and water features because it is almost immune to scratches! Its very intricate pattern also ensures that you spend less time cleaning its stains and more time enjoying cooking on it. The stains get lost on its surface. It has a water absorption rate of 0.1-0.15% which also makes the action of water effortless against its strength.

Clad with picturesque silver on black like the night sky, this stone has a class of its own. It is perfect for both modern homes and offices as it is quite resistant to abrasion and has arresting looks. It adds intrinsic value to anything it is used in. Utility includes windowsills, stairs, flooring and other interior design projects. Due to its frost resistance, it is well-suited for exterior application as well. Bring this home if you want something that embodies both durability and elegance.

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